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  1. -Afri-Coy-

    Transfer Pledges June-August 2019

    Good Day SC members (Or Savages depending on who is reading. :cautious:) Would you like to make some pledges? here is the place to do it. I'll kick things off for the boys: Lo Celso - £10 N'Dombele - £10 Grealish - £5 Werner - £5 Monthly Contribution of £10 to be increased to £15 If we sign...
  2. -Afri-Coy-

    Hugo Or Paulo? Is It Time To Pass The Mantle?

    Let’s Discuss Our Goalkeepers for a bit. Post your choice along with reasoning and let’s see which side the coin lands on. Personally I feel as though the time has come for Gazzaniga to get more first team minutes in the PL. His distribution from the back makes me think he’s a playmaker more...
  3. -Afri-Coy-

    Biggest Transfer Summer 2017 - Post Your Predictions

    Before we get started, I'd just like to say this thread is purely for opinion and a place to share who you think will be the biggest transfer this upcoming summer window. I know we all have varying opinions, and I value everyone's input into this thread. Please keep things friendly, there is no...
  4. -Afri-Coy-

    [Update 205] Dov whoring re: Wanyama and Berahimo

    Who: BEN and ghostofarmo When: 31st August Where: SC ghostofarmo: sb Haven't given up. BEN: We are not getting Wanyama Please rate our local hookers post here:
  5. -Afri-Coy-

    Bundesliga 2015/16

    Last Season's thread was interesting, so I figured its time to make a new one for the season ahead. As a BVB supporter I was excited to see us walk over Gladbach, 4-0 is a great way to start the season for both the team and Tuchel. Hopefully PeA, Reus and Mhikataryan can kee9 firing all...
  6. -Afri-Coy-

    Youth Players To Watch 2015/16 Season (BPL)

    Good Day all I would just like to start a thread for the youth players of each BPL club, for those of us who don't have access to the youth matches/cups in our countries. If you know of players by club please use this format to keep the thread neat, this can be based purely on your own...
  7. -Afri-Coy-

    Source of our width problems?

    This is a question to those how know a bit more about AvB's tactics and formation with our squad in regards to where the true width comes from. I am under the impression ( after the west ham and hull games ) that without proper full backs we lose our width on the wings. Ever since Rose's...
  8. -Afri-Coy-

    Too much moaning not enough constructive thinking

    Spurs chat used to be my sanctuary of sanity on this forum. A place to come share opinion and garner better knowledge of players, tactics and anything else to do with our beloved team. So my question is: WHY THE FUCK DO SOME OF YOU INSIST ON MOANING AND BEING NEGATIVE ALL THE FUCKING TIME...
  9. -Afri-Coy-

    Genuine Football help needed (Players Abroad)

    A question to those who know the general industry in the UK/Europe when it comes to players from abroad coming into the leagues even if its the lower leagues etc etc. Anyway on to my question boys I know a lad ( close friend ) who is a professional footballer and he is looking to extend his...
  10. -Afri-Coy-

    Sandro's new hair cut

    Beware EPL. 18 Aug 2013 Our Animal returns