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  1. slartibartfast

    Europa priority change?

    At the start of the season I post that we should make the Europa cup our main focus this season as we had no chance of getting top 4. But who could forsee Chelskis current plight and frankly Man U look so poor as well so.... Should our priorities now shift back to the league? Would being out of...
  2. slartibartfast

    The One Show Report

    What.. the... fu#k ..was...that? Absolutely pathetic, ill informed, piece of shit report targeting Spurs for some reason. That Chelsea fan, was he taking the piss? Chelsea are the ones with a deserved reputation for being racist knuckle dragging hooligans and yet for some reason the BBC...
  3. slartibartfast

    Crystal Palace v Spurs

    Opportunity knocks. This weekend as well as us playing Palace, Man U play Southampton. That means if Man U draw or win we have a chance to leap frog Southampton into a coverted 4th spot or be level on points for 4th, 5th on gd. Normally a few opportunities like this occur and we fail to make the...