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  1. ralvy

    Is Hugo Lloris as important for us as Bale was on his final season with the club?

    Seems to me Lloris is the main reason we're still in the picture for a top four push at this time of the season, its unbelievable how he just keeps bailing us out game after game with some spectacular saves and its just a pleasure to watch (even if I would prefer him not being forced to be so...
  2. ralvy

    Soldado playing in the VdV role in a 451 formation

    How would you guys feel about that? I know we brought him in with the explicit intention to be our top scorer, but that's clearly not working (for whatever reason that is), and he probably wouldn't offer as much moments of clutch brilliance from long range as Rafa did, yet he has shown more than...
  3. ralvy

    Do Arseanal play the way we expect to be playing one day?

    Saturday game was a real eye opener for me, I finally was able to notice just how far behind we still are in terms of our own development as a team that expects to challenge for important things in the near future. I was (and still am) under the impression that under Poch our aim would be to...
  4. ralvy


    So, with one month of competitive football already gone, I think its becoming clear with each passing game how our main offensive players should start begin rated by virtue of how they fit on a Lamela-built-around attacking game, as its becoming evident Pochetino sees him as our main creative...
  5. ralvy

    Adebayor, Villa & Bale

    Fuck, we always knew Vilas-Boas was a bit of an egocentric maniac, but this gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "putting your stamp on your work". I guess this also confirms the rumours that he was the one who convinced Bale to name his daughter Alba Violet. Well played sir, well played