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  1. SwedishSpurs

    Andre Gomes Okay, I'm not quite sure how reliable Express are but they claim we are interested in Andre Gomes after missing out on Barkley. According to them West Ham are also interested...
  2. SwedishSpurs

    Team vs Burnley

    Lloris Trippier Alderweireld Vertonghen Davies Dier Dembele Eriksen Dele Son Kane The only change I would make is Son in for Wanyama. Not only was Wanyama very poor against Chelsea, but it felt like we were in desperate need for Son's pace. Unless we make a massive signing this week, I don't...
  3. SwedishSpurs

    Premier League 2017/18

    It´s finally back again! Even though our transfer window has been a bit of a dissapointment, I'm just as hyped as usual. However, the fact that it starts on a Friday feels a bit wrong...