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  1. riggi

    The Champions League Final Tickets Thread

    I know there’s a few Madrid threads but... How many of you are going WITHOUT a ticket?
  2. riggi

    Tottenham or Madrid?

    Where will you watch it?
  3. riggi

    Pubs in Harlow

    Got my missus mates birthday thing in Harlow tommorow night. It's in stow? Any decent pubs round there or near I can watch the game before hand?
  4. riggi

    North vs South

  5. riggi

    Last Game At The Lane

    What are you lot doing? Bill nick party? Cans of red stripe on the high road? March to Islington and turnover a cafe nero?
  6. riggi


    Anyone been following this story? Danny baker has been vocal about it.... Danny Baker‏@prodnose Jan 5 I hereby bring a hex down on...
  7. riggi

    Crossed The Line

    Slate the club, slate the area, slate the fans...but not the chic King.
  8. riggi

    Favourite Derby?

    Watching an old video of Birmingham city fans taking a villa coffin though town, got me thinking. What derby do you lot look foreword to watching? Villa vs Birmingham is pretty tasty and I like Birmingham's old school feel to their ground (never been but the impression I get from tv). Liverpool...
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  10. riggi

    Pubs for Wembley

    What pubs best? I remember going to one up a hill. It had Alan Brazil in (What a state).
  11. riggi

    This Sunday

    I really hope we sing for the boys and poch. I want the stadium rocking. I know it won't and it will be miserable but if any of you lot are going Aswell as me. Let's make the place rock.
  12. riggi


    What ****s are letting plastic bags blow onto the pitch? Last game I went to (either Chelsea or west ham), it was appalling. Even people around me started cracking jokes about how bad it was. I then see the following post on facebook and I assume its still happening... Elliot Kyriakou‎The Spurs...
  13. riggi

    Paddy Power Fan Denial

    Anyone else watch these? They really tickle me. Trying to find decent ones that are on youtube.
  14. riggi

    This Is Tottenham

    Anyone watch this? Not really about the club more about the area. Decent watch I thought.
  15. riggi

    Pub Or Home?

    So, NLD pub or home? Where do you watch it? What about the other London derbies as well? So smart arse answers like WHL etc etc....
  16. riggi

    In Defence Of Tottenham

    so apparently Mike Leigh has said to avoid Tottenham unless your going to watch a game. Vice have written this in response. Manny of you lot visit on non match days?
  17. riggi

    Non-Spurs Fan Amnesty

    Always gets me thinking when I am reading the 'what our opponents fans are saying' thread, do we have other fans come on here read what we're all thinking etc. Don't be shy, we must have a fair few users who aren't spurs fans. Who are you? Who do you support? What do you want? Where are my...
  18. riggi

    How Fickle Are Spurs Fans?

    So seeing as we beat that south London pub team on Saturday, I thought id tune into Talksport this evening. Great bit of gooner baiting as always by the chief wum on radio. They had a spurs fan come on talking about finishing top 4 and Europa cup win and they both started cracking up saying same...
  19. riggi

    Where To Eat...

    ....when going to Tottenham? So we always get a thread on where to drink but where do you lot eat? On the first and last day of the season, we get a Turkish at one of the places down the high road (begins with E I think). Chic king after the match, the rest of the time. Are there any decent...
  20. riggi

    Own Up

    Which one of you lot is gary? :LOL: