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  1. C0YS

    'Alternative' Team of the Year

    This is a little game I like to play at this time of year. You pick a starting 11 and 7 substitutes to make up what you think represents the best team of the year. The catch is you can only chose one player from each football club. Mine is as follows: De Gea (Man Utd) Clyne------Alderweireld...
  2. C0YS

    Our academy graduates - Where are they now?

    I am sure there is a thread about this elsewhere but seeing as I can't find it I'll start this one for now. With our academy seemingly getting better, and some of those players even managing to break into the first team, I thought it might be nice to look back on the careers of the could of...
  3. C0YS

    Spurs in Taiwan

    Very late. But in Taiwan for tomorrows game does anyone know where I might catch it?
  4. C0YS

    Team of the season, with 1 player limit for each team.

    This I always find is a fun thing to do. Pick 18 players (a first 11 and 7 subs) only each player must be from a different team. My team of the season is; Mignolet (Sunderland) Zabaleta Jagielka Hangeland Shaw (Man city) (Everton) (Fulham) (Sou'ton) Mata Carrick Carzola Bale (chelsea) (Man...
  5. C0YS

    Your Team, Player, Young Player and Manager of the season thus far.

    Just interested in what people think, mine would be; Team of the season Mignolet Zabaleta Vertongen David Luiz Baines Mata----Carrick--- Carzola---Bale Van Piersie ---Suarez Player of the Season - Bale Young Player of the season - Bale (think U23 is too old and it should be for players U21...
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    Fantasy football - Euro 2012

    I thought it would be fun for us to do have a fantasy football league for SC members, so I have created one on the euro site. first create your team here then follow this link...
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    Do you think Redknapp is doing a good job? recent edition

    Quite easy, are you satisfied with the job Redknapp is doing. Not this season but overall. just to compare it to the one done after the man city game
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    Player of the first half of the season

    A very close one this year with no clear winner.. I will start by giving a brief overview of the possitives and negitives of the ten candidates I believe to be contenders (loosely speaking). ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Friedel positives- Maybe an...
  9. C0YS

    Under 18s win 11-3! Bit cheating playing Bale though....
  10. C0YS

    VdV's new strike partner

  11. C0YS

    What have you got wrong/right

    Simple thread I want posters to list down predictions or observations they made in the past and list what you got wrong, and right, for example I will start; Wrong I thought that Luka Modric would never work as a CM I thought that Bale is better LB then LW I thought BAE was woeful and...
  12. C0YS

    Well done Jermain Defoe- 100 goals

    On a diffrent note, well done for Defoe reaching 100 goals he is the 15th player for us to do so the list reads Jimmy Greaves 266 Bobby Smith 208 Martin Chivers 174 Cliff Jones 159 George Hunt 137 Les Duquemin 134 Alan Gilzean 133 Teddy Sheringham 124 Robbie Keane 122 Les Bennett 116 Jimmy...
  13. C0YS

    Arsenal's chaz&Dave?

    Zuua8Rrz9Hs&feature=player_embedded :rofl: ...feel a bit sick after watching it tbh
  14. C0YS

    England Squad v Denmark (4 spurs players!)

    Ben Foster, Joe Hart, David Stockdale Leighton Baines, Gary Cahill, Ashley Cole, Michael Dawson, Glen Johnson, Joleon Lescott, John Terry, Kyle Walker Gareth Barry, Stewart Downing, Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard, James Milner, Scott Parker, Theo Walcott, Jack Wilshere, Ashley Young Gabriel...
  15. C0YS

    Article on the finance side of Spurs, slightly stadium related

    From: The Swiss Ramble Blog
  16. C0YS

    Bale, Pav and VDV in top 25 players of this champions league after 3 games!

    according to a voting poll conducted by "Marca" and "La Gazzetta Dello Sport", The complete table after 3 games. 1. Eto’o 50.957 2. Messi 49.360 3. Ozil 30.789 4. Ronaldo 20.038 5. Raul 19.292 6. Bale 12.226 7. Di Maria 10.714 8. Ibrahimovic 6.584 9. Tino Costa 6.224 10 . Xabi Alonso 5.807...
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    kneejerk/I like to moan about Tottenham thread?

    Look this is getting kinda boring, can't we just dump it all in one thread? Or use the match thread or something? I'm all for constructive criticism or even discussion but some of these threads...come on, the quality is just appalling. lets look at a couple of these thread like "a few things...
  18. C0YS

    Palacios Injury

    from Honduras press he left the game against Romania on a stretcher EDIT: NOTW have got hold of it
  19. C0YS

    Team of the decade?

    as 2009 has finally ended it comes the time to pick the team of the decade. the formation will be a 4-1-2-1 formation as a way to be able to select a good veriaty of players of diffrent possitions. goalkeeper: the position of goalkeeper is a simple one. the candidates being Buffon, casillas...
  20. C0YS

    Jermain Defoe! He's Yiddo!

    what an amazing day he has had taking his total for the season, including international games to an amazing 17 goals in 18 games. a PL tally of 11 games 11 goals plus the one cup game hes played takes his total for spurs to 12 games 12 goals, which are amazing statistics. Lets just say our top...