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  1. 13VanDerBale13

    The Script of the 2019/20 Season

    Google, Opta and Squawka predict Premier League, Champions League and Europa League outcomes Very interesting read with predictions on a wide range of variety
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    What Have Been Your Favourite Moments Of The Season?

    As the season reaches its climax, I want to know what have been your personal highlights.
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    Funny Line-Ups Moment

  4. 13VanDerBale13

    Atletico Madrid Sign Angel Correa

    Another fantastic purchase by Atletico!
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    Champions League Qualification Without Winning Europa League?

    Ok I'm just wondering about the implication if the following situation was to occur next season. A team from the BPL drops into the Europa League and wins the Europa League and has already finished in the top 4 in BPL. Would 5th in the BPL get CL as a result? Or would it go to the other...
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    Tunnel Cam Vs City

    (P.S. 26:40, Soldado seeks some compassion :()
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    We Can Still Make Third Based On These Results.