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  1. IfiHadTheWings

    Premier League officially postponed until 17th of June

    We blatantly went on to lose in the second half so you had a right touch waking up.
  2. IfiHadTheWings

    Newcastle buyout

    Potential names for the Man City vs Newcastle games. The Oil Firm Derby The Abu Derby The Oil Classico. The internet does tickle me sometimes.
  3. IfiHadTheWings

    Player Watch Jan's personal role in the squad

    After reading those I am absolutely convinced that when Jan was walking around the ground after Saints in the FA cup he was actually desperately sad that Aurier and Ndombele didn't want to be his Instagram buddies anymore :cautious:
  4. IfiHadTheWings

    Player Watch: Giovani Lo Celso

    The one true positive in this side at the moment, think he will have a true breakout season next year
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    Player Watch Player Watch...Dele Alli

    He puts in the hard yards every week, some Weeks great, some weeks awful but i always feel he is judged a lot more harshly than any of our other players.
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    Match Threads Spurs vs Wolves - Match Thread

    Brittle as per...didn’t expect any other result as i’v adjusted my expectations in line with our level.
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    Boxing thread?

    Masterclass....not a heavyweight on the planet fit to hold his coat
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    Player Watch: Tanguy Ndombele

    i‘d like to think the same but as much as you try to ignore the signs when he has played he has looked nowhere near fit enough and for Jose its a liability to start him if hes gonna be out of puff before half time.
  9. IfiHadTheWings

    Match Threads Spurs vs RB Leipzig 1st leg - Match Thread

    super player but if you cannot complete 90 minutes you cannot possibly be the best player absurd to suggest otherwise...disappointed not to see him in the lineup though.
  10. IfiHadTheWings

    The Rugby Thread

    Although I don't contribute that often this is one of my go to threads to look at when I see pages and it isn't the same without @E17yid especially as it's 6N time and Ireland just beat Wales :cautious:. Bring him back.
  11. IfiHadTheWings

    Player Watch Player Watch...Dele Alli

    Dele will make the England squad for the euros, i’d bet my last pound...all this talk about he’s been dropped etc, he was injured for a period which he missed a couple of squads and then came back on poor form and missed out again...but whilst he’s back amongst the goals and making a difference...
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    Player Watch Player watch: Jan Vertonghen

    Huckerby didn't quite sound right to me, I can't remember who it was now but I think ledders gave a penalty away in the game I am thinking of.
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    Player Watch Player Watch...Dele Alli

    This tickled me but I actually struggle to accept that people in our fanbase think he's Watford level or just some plodder, yeah we accept he has flaws and is not a 90 minute man but without his contributions since breaking into the first team we would not have had half the great days/nights we...
  14. IfiHadTheWings

    Player Watch Player watch: Jan Vertonghen

    It was sore to see him like that, was reminiscent of when Ledley got proper done by I think Darren Huckerby and you just knew it was all coming to an end. Club Legend Jan is, hope he gets a proper reception next game to lift the spirits, I felt that with him yesterday.
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Harry Winks

    Another one who gets stick all the time but is putting in the hard yards for the shirt, another quality game from Harry and Jose would be a brave man to drop him at the moment...
  16. IfiHadTheWings

    Player Watch Player Watch...Dele Alli

    a lot of people creaming themselves over players who haven’t or probably will not do anywhere near what Dele has done for this football club and he has so many detractors...makes my mind boggle how as soon as he has a bad performance everyone is in here slagging him off, he comes on and changes...
  17. IfiHadTheWings

    Player Watch: Tanguy Ndombele

    I had a feeling once he took that knock where he was holding his back that his game would fizzle out. must admit i’m more than a little concerned about him at the moment, all the ability in the world lets just hope we can him going.
  18. IfiHadTheWings

    Player Watch: Gedson Fernandes

    He’s bright and positive, like the look of the lad so far.
  19. IfiHadTheWings

    Player Watch Player Watch...Dele Alli

    I don’t get this...surely you are a fan of players that pull on the shirt and give it their all?
  20. IfiHadTheWings

    Player Watch Player Watch...Dele Alli

    Can’t pass, Can’t dribble, does nothing...Dele makes the difference again.