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    [Update 230] The Journalist re: Bale update; plus others

    Update from conversation I had yesterday. Bale is not for sale unless Tottenham receive a ridiculous offer. The money offered, and quoted in the press, even though a world record, is not deemed ridiculous by the spurs board. Tottenham have told Madrid this. There are no current negotiations and...
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    [Update 44] The Journalist with a general update

    From what I have been told regarding Tottenham’s transfers is that will bring in two established players and up to 4 "quality" unknowns/youths. "They know they can’t compete” and they are going all around the world to get them. One of the established players is David Villa. Regarding the other...
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    [Update 29] The Journalist re:loan signing

    Who: The Journalist When: 28/05/13 Where: SC Tottenham are trying to tie up a deal to sign Emre Can from Bayern on loan.
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    [Update 11] The Journalist re; bale off????

    Who: The Journalist When: 20th May Where: SC Re: Bale been told he will definitley be staying at tottenham. also tottenham looking to bring in at least 1 new coach.
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    [Update 1] The Journalist - Transfers by committee

    As it stands it is transfers by committee. In one corner you have Daniel Levy, another corner AVB, another corner Tim Sherwood and the voice being ignored, Steffen Freund. Besides that what is Les Ferdinand’s role at the club as AVB doesn’t know? There is no big secret and the media don’t...
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    [Update 449] The Journalist: willian; lloris; moutinho

    lloris has put pen to paper. dismiss skys moutinho breakdown rubbish. willian is definitly being worked on.
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    [Update 396] The Journalist re: Update

    Hugo Lloris – never in doubt, should be first through the door; there were only 2 clubs ever interested in him from day one. The other being AC Milan. The player did not want to go to Italy and Arsenal never made contact with his club. This info didn’t come from Tottenham source. Like I said...
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    [Update 321] The Journalist on Lloris, Modric and more...

    Who: The Journalist Where: SC When: 15th August Regarding Lloris there is some truth in what Jean-Michel has said in that he has rejected a bid for the keeper. But Lloris was given permission to talk to Tottenham and all personal details have been agreed. Initially they were only a couple of...
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    [Update 295] The Journalist on Modric Meeting & Possible Replacement

    There is a meeting with Modric and his representatives again today. Now this is hard to explain and I don’t know how much authenticity can be placed on this. Consequently I class this as RUMOUR. It is somewhat obvious that Moutinho is the favourable replacement for Modric. However I have been...
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    [Update 243]The Journalist re: Lloris & modric

    Lloris It’s not Levy changing the goalposts for a change. Everyone knew the price and Levy was prepared to pay it, which is not like him. Only another couple of million they want. In my opinion it’s still a bargain and in footballing terms it’s only really a slight increase. The players not a...
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    [Update 215] The Journalist RE Lloris

    LLoris; very close. As I said before the Euros; Tottenham had made contact and knew the fee. They had also sounded out Lloris but he wanted to wait until after the euros. There were 2 teams interested and it was all down to the player. The other team was Italian. There were no negotiations to...
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    [Update 111] The Journalist on Harry

    Who: The Journalist When: 14th June Where: SC Official Line; Tottenham are saying that they have already made a statement and will not be making another statement regarding the departure of Harry Redknapp or the appointment of a new manager in the near future. Unofficial; harry will...
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    [Update 100] The Journalist re: harry + other

    Who: The Journalist When: 12th June Where: SC So I signed on earlier today to post and seen all the Harry talk. So been trying to find out seeing as there is lots of it; I can tell you that the club are refuting it and are looking into where these stories are starting. I’ve been told that...
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    Luuk De Jong; Lloris; Remy; Jenas

    Luuk De Jong. Tottenham have spoken to his representatives. Lloris has been sounded out. They WILL sell and have replacement lined up. Price is fair; below £15million. He likes the look of Tottenham but money talks and will demand a decent wage. Money will show you want him. Remy has gone...
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    [Update 41] The Journalist on a few things

    A few things; I’m hearing a lot of conflicting stuff now about Remy. Heard it was close then told Remy was stalling. Make no mistake Tottenham are one of TWO clubs talking to Lloris. He is available and they have even got a replacement lined up. HE wants out. Tottenham are talking to Barcelona...
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    [Update 24] The Journalist on Remy and Lloris

    i said the other day that there were whispers you were going french. Remy being one; Lloris now the other, sometimes the press get it right. "he is your number one choice." But youll have to act fast there are other clubs interested. and the reported fee is a steal. "now dont be silly and try...
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    [Update 459] The Journalist re:everything i know

    Who: The Journalist When: 31/08/11 WHere: SC I saw Harrys interview this morning saying 4 out. But that doesn’t include Palacios and Dos Santos; to him they’re already gone. At least 3 definite bids for Jenas including Villa. But been told not to expect him to go anywhere. His...
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    [Update 453] The Journalist - full circle

    Who: The Journalist When: 30/08/2011 Where: SC
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    [Update 448] The Journalist re: stuff

    Who: The Journalist Where: SC When: 30th August Hutton; NO loan as reported in media; straight up transfer. Around £4million. Medical to take place in Scotland not BMI. The offer for Jenas still stands but not close. Been told Huntelaar in London. Can’t wait until tomorrow; 4/5 isn’t bad.
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    [Update 421] The Journalist re: Adebayor/Diarra

    Sorry but I have been told that Real Madrid have put in a bid for Adebayor tonight and from what i am hearing it sound likes they will be using money that they will be recieving for Diarra. As i posted earlier today Diarra should be done by this time tomorrow.