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  1. JonnySpurs

    Chelsea ripping Spurs in matchday programme

    I have the unfortunate pleasure of being mates with a Chelsea fan at work.....I know. He decided to attend their glamour tie at home to Bate Borisov last night and has this morning sent me a picture from the programme which he found funny. Is it just me or is this laughably pathetic from...
  2. JonnySpurs

    James Maddison
  3. JonnySpurs

    This might give you goosebumps......but it also might not

    Spurs fan Dave describes the feeling of returning to Tottenham when his club's new stadium opens next season.
  4. JonnySpurs

    How a transfer really works

    A fascinating insight into how transfers really work. The article debunks a lot of myths and will help give all of us a little more perspective in future hopefully. Read the full article at Independent
  5. JonnySpurs

    Benjamin Henrichs Couldn't see a thread on this kid so thought I'd go ahead and add one. Can't recall how he played against us last season if I'm honest but sounds like he fits the mould of what we're...
  6. JonnySpurs

    Kevin Gameiro

    Saw this one over the weekend and thought it was worth posting. I know some have made fun of but old SC veteran, Ally Gold writes for them and they generally only write about things that are already out their in the rumour mill so I personally think it's worth posting. LINK...
  7. JonnySpurs

    Djibril Sidibe Story posted on Get French Football but it has originated from L'Equipe. It was also tweeted about by Matt Spiro who is a respected journo that covers Ligue 1 football. I...
  8. JonnySpurs

    Douglas Costa
  9. JonnySpurs

    The Pochettino Revolution: How Tottenham were transformed from also-rans to title contenders

    Couldn't see this anywhere and felt it deserved a wider audience. I don't always agree with this chap when he tweets but it doesn't take away from this very detailed and informative article, particulalry some nuggets of info around Henry Winter speaking to our players about how they deal with...
  10. JonnySpurs

    Tottenham & the value in actually enjoying victories

    I think this chap talks a lot of sense and with the way the season is going at the moment I think this is a very appropriate article for trying to have a little perspective............ Some fans really do prefer...
  11. JonnySpurs

    Kyle Walker - Cross Completion

    Yesterday's win against Everton proved a significant point for me with regard to our young right back. Kyle tends to split the fan base from what I've seen on here. Some think he's not good enough and other's, myself included, think he has the potential to be great. I said as much in a...
  12. JonnySpurs

    Am I missing something?

    I've been a member of Spurs Community for a long time and needless to say Spurs Chat has always been a place where you can find some solid, well thought out analysis of any Spurs game but as we all know, it's well known for it's knee jerk reactions to losses. However, what I'm seeing after this...
  13. JonnySpurs

    Player/Manager Statues - Who would you choose?

    We all hate Arsenal.....after all, they stink.....but if I'm totally honest with myself, their recent idea to have 3 statues built around the scabby Emirates was an inspired one and I'm a big fan of Spurs replicating this idea once our new ground is completed. The goons opted for a playing...
  14. JonnySpurs

    Beautiful Gareth Bale animation video - MUST SEE

    Hadn't seen this posted yet, just brilliant! Gareth Bale :bowdown: you are a god-like genius of football!
  15. JonnySpurs - Changes??

    Afternoon Fellas! So just a quick post really to ask what kind of things you would potentially like to see on the official website in the near future? We're due an update, re-design and just general overhaul so anything that you had maybe thought of recently, now would be the time to tell me...
  16. JonnySpurs

    *BRAND NEW ONLINE STORE for NFL Merchandise*

    Morning Fellas! This is a quick post aimed at NFL Fans in the UK who, like me, have more than likely spent way too much time on the internet looking for a good online shop so that they can buy NFL merchandise. For the past few years I've always found myself buying from American run sites...
  17. JonnySpurs

    Mewwy Chwistmas from the Spurs players - 4 Videos

    I love that Rafa can't pronounce his R's and Daws takes a little too long to click on to Keane's cracker joke. No idea what Ekotto said either, funny tho!
  18. JonnySpurs

    Liverpool consider shock move for Redknapp (Daily Mirror) FAIL! This is my favourite bit......... "However, there is also the lure of Liverpool, who have the kind of big-name history and glamour that Redknapp has always fancied" hey, Daily Mirror......fuck...
  19. JonnySpurs

    Post finishing 4th ITK

    So not seen this anywhere on SC this morning so figured I'd throw it up, m mate e-mailed it to me as he's one of the few mere mortals that is allowed to still post on COYS....which I assume is where this is from....... Initially he sent this...... Paxton53 Can't reveal source - so take it...
  20. JonnySpurs - Website of the Week

    This isn't a huge deal or anything and some people won't even care but it goes to show that what we have is pretty damn good and will arguably only get better. I'm told by my bro that New Media Age are the people to impress and they have given the site 88 out of 100 which is a very good score...