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  1. kr1978

    Bookies offers

    Thought it might be handy for the gamblers amongst us to have a thread where we can let each other know when there are interesting offers available at various bookies, especially with the World Cup on as there are loads of offers so easy to miss them.
  2. kr1978

    Some new rules for CL and Europa League

    New rule changes have been approved for next years competitions including a 4th sub in extra time and 12 subs Thoughts??
  3. kr1978

    Euro 2016 Day 3, Tur v Cro, Pol v NI, Ger v Ukr

    no one seems to have started one yet so I thought I'd stick one up
  4. kr1978

    Rangers must play Newcastle loan players if fit

    From BBC Sport Glasgow Rangers manager Kenny McDowall has revealed that he has been told he must play the 5 players loaned from Newcastle if fit. Is this even allowed?? If it is then it is disgraceful example of what is wrong with football in my...
  5. kr1978

    Ledley appointed Spurs U18 Coach

    From the Evening Standard- Great to see him getting a proper role at the club
  6. kr1978

    Who do you want to be our next manager? With Poll!

    Surprised no one has started a poll yet so thought I would. Should be interesting to see if there is any consensus
  7. kr1978

    Parmas 226 player squad

    Interesting article from the daily mail (there's a sentence I never thought I'd use!) from Martin Samuel. Basically Parma have 226 players under contract NOT including academy players. The article also refers to Chelsea and udinese doing a similar scattergun approach and loaning players out en...
  8. kr1978


    Thought I'd start a thread on this as I always enjoy it and think it should be a good tournament. Hoping this can be murrays year but still going to be at the very top of his game IMO with djokovic as good as always and nadal looking back to near his best. Not too fussed with the women's to be...
  9. kr1978

    The positive tottenham thread

    Despite everything that is happening at spurs there still seems to be loads of negative threads on here at the moment and I thought it might nice to have a positive thread about everything that is going right at spurs. I will put a few below and add your own as you see fit 1. We are 4th with a...
  10. kr1978

    Where do you think we will finish now?

    With man city losing to Southampton the points gap between us and 2nd place is 5 points and 4 points between us and the arse. Can we get 3rd, 2nd, hold onto 4th or do you think arsenal or Everton will catch us? Personally I'm looking above us