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  1. whitechina

    Simon Dawkins leaves Derby

    I couldn't find another thread for this- Former Spur leaves Derby and returns to San Jose where he was on loan for two years from Spurs. Derby head coach Paul Clement told the club's website that the Jamaican international is "an example to us all" after his departure from Pride Park. "We...
  2. whitechina

    Lewis Holtby

    I can't see another thread for him so here goes. I really hope he's given a run at the start of the season. His energy, workload and enthusiasm could become infectious and others up theirs too. He runs forever and only 18 months was seen as a somewhat savior. He's young enough to learn more and...
  3. whitechina

    Summer transfer donations thread

    ok I'm sitting here and on SC as usual and seeing this player that player and his grandfather being offered as potential suitors for our beloved THFC. Well I'll throw the following for the ones below. Kono- £10 Rose sold- £5 A new first team LB- £5 Bernard- £5 Bony- £5 FDB coach/manager- £5...
  4. whitechina

    Leandro Damiao

    For the first time in I don't know how many years I'm confident we will not sign LD and it makes me very happy after his poorer form last season. My only wish in this department is that Soldado scored a few more for us last term (I still hope he does well nest season). I for one am really...
  5. whitechina

    Typos that make you laugh.

    I saw this the other day and thought it would be good to share in a different thread Copied from Sky "PARKER GOAL! Fine strike from Parker who pings a a 22-yard shit which flies past Ruddy's right hand." Sounds like he should go to the bog more often and stop 360ing and just well...... There...