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  1. LukaMotion

    Would King get in?

    Despite the disappointment of the result against Swansea there's a question i've been thinking about for a few weeks now. If all our current squad were fit, would Ledley King get in our first XI? For me, Ledley is the best central defender I've seen play for us in my time as a spurs supporter...
  2. LukaMotion

    Wembley Season Ticket Roll Call

    Anyone interested in a thread for SC season ticket holders to post their Wembley seat locations so we can see if there will be any other SC'ers nearby? This will be my first year as a season ticket holder and i'll be rolling up to Wembley solo most of the time so it would be great to find some...
  3. LukaMotion

    Lazio Ultras salute Totti

    A pretty fitting tribute to a great, one-club man from the fans who have hated him the most. “It was March 6, 1994 when we met for the first time,” the statement from Gli Irriducibili begins. 

“You came on...
  4. LukaMotion

    SC World Cup Fantasy Football

    Pre-word for the mods: I appreciate this isn't really the section for this thread to go in, however it would be great if it could stay in here temporarily in order to get as many people involved as possible and then once it's underway it could be moved to the world cup forum. Pretty please :)...
  5. LukaMotion

    Dani Alves is a good guy.

    Just read this, always thought Alves was a bit of a dick but now I have a lot of respect for him.
  6. LukaMotion

    So I just saw Sol Campbell...

    In South Kensington. I lost control of my voice and yelled 'Judas' at him, and I may lose my job because of it. NO REGRET!
  7. LukaMotion

    Best footballing city?

    Had an interesting debate today with a mate, which city would you call the best footballing city in the world? The main candidates: London (Spurs, Chelsea, Arsenal, Etc...) Manchester (Utd and City) Milan (AC Milan and Inter) Barcelona (Barca and Espanyol) Madrid (Real and Athletico)...
  8. LukaMotion

    KPB/AC Milan racism

    From the BBC: More on the AC Milan players walking off during a friendly against Pro Patria because of racist chanting. Kevin Prince Boateng was in possession on the left wing in the 26th minute, suddenly picked the ball up and smashed it towards the stand behind him. The Ghana midfielder then...
  9. LukaMotion

    Premier League XI game

    This is a bit of a thinker. Construct the best Premier League XI you can (current players only) BUT only one player per team and one player per nationality. Here's my attempt, it's a lot harder than it looks. Given Aston Villa and ROI Jones Man Utd and England Hangeland Fulham...
  10. LukaMotion

    At least were not Newcastle

    Just seen this in the Independent, if i were a newcastle fan i'd be absolutely livid. Mike Ashley is the epitome of terrible owners and is one of the biggest examples of money ruining football...
  11. LukaMotion

    What a bunch of mugs! This is our opportunity to prove every pundit the BBC could find wrong, cause we're gonna finish in the top 4 again!! Would love to do it just to wipe the smug looks off all their faces!
  12. LukaMotion

    Little piece of info

    I have come into some unexpected spurs ITK, not player related so I thought I'd post it here. Brace yourselves people. Chirpy is getting a redesign. This is not a joke btw or a pisstake of ITK, he genuinely is getting redesigned.
  13. LukaMotion


    I just wanted to say how great it was to see Woody on the pitch again in a Spurs shirt. I'm not alone in saying i genuinely thought he'd never play again for us and it is unbelievably great that he is back to fitness and can play a part in our run in. He slotted in seamlessly when he came on...
  14. LukaMotion

    Bellamy arrested for assault

    Maybe it's a good thing we didn't sign him after all...Eek
  15. LukaMotion

    Leo Messi Never Dives

    Someone just showed me this amazing video. 5sJhh-YcvbU I cannot think of another player who plays football like this. I'm not talking about his obvious skill level but the unwillingness to go to ground despite being hacked to pieces. I mean, it truly is admirable. In the first clip...
  16. LukaMotion

    Formation away in Europe

    To my mind, the main reason we conceded 3 goals in 30 minutes last night has to go down to the formation we set out in and what i would call a tactical error by Redknapp. I thought we looked crowded out of the midfield, especially as i didn't think Gio came in enough off the wing and left us...
  17. LukaMotion

    Fans hit out at increased kit changes by clubs

    Interesting article on the BBC Sport website, quite a bit of focus on Levy's tactics this season with 6 kits potentially available. Here's the link: The way i look at it, no one is forcing fans to buy every kit that comes...