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  1. Stoof

    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 30th August 2017

    Lads, it's ITK. COYS. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Latest ITK (compiled by @JohnnyVivas) Foyth - Done, waiting to announce. "Quotes" from player seem to corroborate this. Aurier - Positive...
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    I'm not an accountant but...

  3. Stoof

    Unleash the Smurf!

    I'm sorry this has taken so long. We must end this Leicester charge. Enough is enough. COYSmurfs. All credit to: @chrissivad for being generally awesome.
  4. Stoof

    [Update 194] Trix cruises in for a Monday Night Update

    Who: Trix Where: Dis place. When: A couple of minutes ago. Why: Because he's a hero.
  5. Stoof

    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 6th August 2015 - Stoof's Soapbox Edition

    Oh hi. I'm not A&C, but I thought I'd just let you know the SpamFest which was the first incarnation of the thread will not happen again. I should be on for most of the day. If you find any ITK, then PM us and we'll open up the thread. Thanks. Also, if you want to donate, then you know what to...
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    [Update 115] Trix on Priorities

    Who: Trix Where: COYS When: 11/07/2015 on importance of new striker before manutd game: Club knows this mate, and things are very different to previous windows. on other matters: Trying to get things done as early as we can.Priority is one CM and one forward player, a second is possible but...
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    [Update 79] Jasper on the Latest

    Who: Jasper Where: SO When: Just now you muppets (30.06.2015)
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    I Don't Love Anyone

    Well, not in a Spurs shirt. Maybe I'm kinda there with Sandro but it's all still a bit new and it's been very on again off again. Eriksen I really thought I could love like I loved Rafa. But something's just not right. I've pretty much always got by by always having one player I absolutely...
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    I can't believe I had to tell someone off ...

    You know the bloke; you know him well. He'll sit a couple of rows in front of you or behind you and he'll moan. But he won't just moan, he'll refuse to acknowledge any positive passage of play - and instead try and find the negative in it. So it had got to 70 mins on Saturday and he...
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    No more Evil Chirpy!!!

    According to THFC on Facebook: OMG! LOLZ! This is good news. I miss Good Chirpy and all he stood for. Fuck you, Evil Chirpy. Fuck you in the face. Here's a reminder of his descent into evil ...
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    [Update 397] The Journalist on "bids in"

    Outgoings update; Tottenham have bids for; Dos Santos (Swansea and 2 abroad) Jenas Huddlestone (Loan and buy offers) Dawson (told at least 3 clubs talking and more have enquired). I still think he’s your best defender. I was asked if Villa had made any bids for Tottenham players; we asked about...
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    Myth Busting - Football Finance

    Myth Busting – Football Finance by Stoof (with help and spiritual guidance from wishkah) Over the last couple of days my eyes have been opened to the world of international trade finance. I've also been lucky enough to hear first hand about how football clubs handle their finances. Ha, I hear...
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    Transfer Rumours and ITK Forums Open

    So go there. Thanks. :D
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    The "Spurs Videos That Get Stoof Up For A Game" Thread

    30 minutes before I go t'Lane. Post your favourite videos. Get in the mood. Get excited. Today has the potential for being a Glory Glory day. And we all love those. For once let's just get too into it, it could go wrong but hey, who cares. For these few remaining hours ... let's get excited...
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    It simply can't be all ...

    Redknapp. I'm very drunk right now. I've even put my McDonald's down to type this. (That's a pretty big deal). But this slump cannot possibly be all Harry Redknapp's fault. It goes beyond reality to think so. As much as he motivates and sends players out for the two sets of 45 minutes...
  16. Stoof

    Arsenal don't need ...

    ... the Champions League because they have a clever business model for the current year, the next year and for the next five years. So, they have, um, a business model for the next 5 years unlike, say, all other businesses in the...
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    General transfer Policy Argument Thread

    Yes. Deals are that easy.
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    [Update 417] POTL: Not Downbeat

    Who: POTL Where: COYS When: 22/08/2011 Some chappy posted: "People missing the point. Even POTL seems disillusioned and not so upbeat about This windows dealings. Could end up with no one. Why wouldn't Luka wanna join someone with some ambition something our investment owners clearly do not"...
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    [Update 339] The ITK Fight of Ol' COYSTown

    Who: POTL vs. Peanut (with Skyderen cameo) Where: COYS When: 04/08/2011 It all started long, long ago ... :wink:
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    Fixtures for your Devices!

    Hello lovely people. Occasionally, I do something lovely for you all. Like write a beautifully passionate piece on why Jermaine Jenas is almost exactly like the Dalai Lama*. This time around: I bring you Flogs. Many of you may have already entertained the idea of a Flog before. I have just...