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    Player Watch Player Watch - Japhet Tanganga

    I must say... I am excited about this guy. I have really been impressed by his defending, the ability to handle Ronaldo is no small matter. I hope he gets a few cup games, with Fyoth moving to the right, he might have a chance of starting or even be on the bench. It seems Poch has a lot of...
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    Let's talk about the Saints...

    The good... Oh and this is a joke..... right? really enjoying their sense of humor. (y)
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    Pre-Season 2019/2020

    Gotta share this here... Made my day! :D
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    Ivan Perisic Want!
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    [Update 10] hertyid on naming rights for the new stadium

    Please rate our ulitmate inside man.... Thanks Dovahkiin!
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    Interest check for fantasy league auctions

    Website for reference: Firstly... Does anyone know pro version is gonna be free for the competition? I had a blast playing in the last euros and WC. Second... We might be having a few games. So we might need some coordination. Finally.. Register your interest...
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    How important is "luck" in football?

    performance a side... Does luck play a factor? Like it or not... Vardy isn't gonna be able to repeat the goal the scored, it was those once in a lifetime where everything just lined up perfectly... And tonight we just didn't have luck on our side... We had chances, on another day those would...
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    Team vs Watford

    Pls remove.
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    International Champions Cup 2017

    Here we go again... We are in the main one this time (unfortunately for me) The other two are in China and Singapore. Information retrieved from Wikipedia... Hopefully I can catch...
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    Player Watch Ben Davies - Player watch I agree he didn't have a good game. But IMO he was played out of position. He is a DL, or the Center left if playing in a back 3. He isn't a wing back, he is a much more defensive...
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    Player Watch Pau Lopez - Player Watch Not sure how accurate this site is, but would be great news if he joins on a perm deal. Iirc he was the first choice goalkeeper at Espanyol. Good back up to have. And if the above is accurate. Most...
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    UEFA Youth League youth league guide season Our first time in this competition, maybe reason why we turned out other competitions so we our youngsters can get an European experience. It's gonna be tied in with the champions league draw...
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    2016/17 Nike's Balls

    So.... What do u guys think? More info here... And incase anyone is interested in the history...
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    Tottenham Hotspur have announced a new tie-up with South Korean business Kumho Tyre I am happy to see us moving into Asian market. Plus more money into our bank. Hope I can to see some advertising with Son in it.
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    Finals: France vs Portugal

    Here we go....
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    Pain in Spain! La Liga clubs to return unpaid taxes. About time it happened!

    Real Madrid, Barcelona and five other La Liga clubs were ordered Monday by the European Commission, the European Union's executive arm, to repay money to the Spanish government over various instances of the state providing aid to them. European champions Real Madrid, Spanish league champions...
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    Under valued? Over valued?

    Some independent person decided to put his 2 cents worth to sum up the transfer window... Seems like Bobby was a good deal... But the same guy said sterling is worth 90+M.
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    2015 FIFA U-20 World Cup

    Have not seen a thread on this.... Our players to watch our for: USA: Cameron Carter-Vickers Serbia: Milos Veljkovic Nigeria: Musa Yahaya Others: Uruguay: Diego Poyet of West Ham (Gus jr.)
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    Teams at the top always have all the luck... Heart breaking....