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  1. jamesc0le

    dele is best in the world - poch poch regards dele as the best young player in the world. i agree
  2. jamesc0le

    should we bring back Jake Livermore?

    i see that west brom have bid 10 million for livermore. i can only guess that tony pullis has put in a cheeky bid as the new manager may not understand the strengths of his squad yet and be looking to generate some funds to get his own targets. he left to further his career but maybe he would...
  3. jamesc0le

    belg vs colom friendl

    belgos just got torn a new one..
  4. jamesc0le

    Dembele = soldier

    this guy is a nutter. seriously. first he tries to play on after being ,literally, chopped down by Cabaye. poor guy was hobbling about and i was laughing and desperately shouting at the tele ''yh mate, run it off moose!'' then he get's really unlucky as he battles with wilshere and seems to...
  5. jamesc0le

    do we need a sneijder? just a bit.

    Inter Milan 'will not play' Wesley Sneijder during contract talks Inter Milan sporting manager Marco Branca has suggested midfielder Wesley Sneijder will not be picked until he agrees an "adjusted" contract. The 28-year-old Dutchman, sidelined after suffering a minor injury in September, has...
  6. jamesc0le

    AR5ENA1 5 SPURS 2 nov12 SOM + RATINGS

    what it says on the tin yh:ninja:
  7. jamesc0le

    edgar davids interview (legend!) i wish he was in charge of this team we have at the moment!
  8. jamesc0le

    one night in turin

    on itv4 n +1 now including gazza bits:coffee:
  9. jamesc0le


    modric money on this guy: auxiliary mobile striker, auxiliary cf lone striker, cm option def/att just BUY THE MAN FFS BUY BUY BUY:coffee:
  10. jamesc0le

    avb unsure about sandro v toon

    wow jenas and livermore in line for a start!!! jake,yes, jenas F NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! oh yh and hudd is pissed (understandable) as far as i know avb likes a bit of inmatch coaching/cajoling so i don't see why he cant...
  11. jamesc0le

    england friendly squad named - roy looks at younger players Roy Hodgson gives England youth a chance to shine against Italy By Ben Smith BBC Sport The news that England would play a friendly three days before the start of the new season prompted the predictable groans from Premier League managers...
  12. jamesc0le

    usa v brasil ft SANDRO-TRON

    friendly now on espn!(y)
  13. jamesc0le

    why still no Kranjcar in the wide-fwd role?

    never seen this, has it even happened? so annoying. maybe against chelsea or swansea.. here's hoping!:beer:
  14. jamesc0le

    spurs arsenal match slatings n mom

    tactics! tictacs
  15. jamesc0le

    download of the stevenage spurs game?

    please? anyone?
  16. jamesc0le

    is Balotelli a GENIUS???? a cantona? a genius? dunno, he is young, so the pannelists that mocked the ''genius'' tag were a bit out of order to ignore this time will tell if he is all that, but mad mario is deffo from another planet he is, outrageous:-)
  17. jamesc0le

    shamrock rovers v spurs match ratings + mom

    post ur comms as per usual
  18. jamesc0le

    stoke v spurs 11 12 2011 ratngs thread

    post ur comms
  19. jamesc0le

    van der fart

    i don't understand why the hypnotic slug gets to stay on the pitch for most of the game when he is working his way back to fitness. ekotto n lennon off? vdv stays on? eh?
  20. jamesc0le

    bulgarian pm wins fans player of the year lols! Bulgaria Prime Minister Boyko Borisov wants the country's player-of-the-year poll annulling after he won ahead of Manchester United's Dimitar Berbatov. The 52-year-old, who plays occasionally as a striker for third...