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  1. jeremystorey

    Adjusting to the BPL Pace... has this changed?

    Over the last few weeks -- whether online or on TV, I've heard a lot of pundits talking about the time it takes for foreign players to adjust to the pace and physicality of the Premier League. Now, like many of you, I've been watching Spurs for many, many, many years, and by virtue of this, have...
  2. jeremystorey

    If we don't finish in the top 4...

    ...I will be bummed... but... not forlorn. The reason for this is simple, really; I don't fear for the future of our club. I don't think if we miss out we'll end up offloading our best players -- including Bale. He is likely to stay when all is said and done. Last year, I was more scared of...
  3. jeremystorey

    The Man U Game

    Hey, friends- I'm going to be in London the weekend of the 20th -- Would love, love, love to go see the UTD game. Anyone have any advice on tickets? Think there are any still available? Or am I chasing windmills? Thanks, gang!!!
  4. jeremystorey

    Be Bold AVB

    I want to give AVB a chance. It's shameful of the fans and punditry to push for his ouster so soon. And if the players are having a hard time adjusting, get over it. Your professional, act that way. New schemes, tactics, personalities, whatever are no excuse for being guileless, sloppy and...