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  1. Trix

    Intresting Spurs trivia you might not be aware of........

    Spurs have provided the highest number of England internationals with 78. Villa are second with 73 and all the others are in the 60's or below. Anyone one else got any insignificant and mildly interesting gems others might not know?
  2. Trix

    We shall overcome

    "You can't sell world class players and still compete at the top level(Walker)." "Spurs have a great starting 11 but their lack of squad depth will cost them" "Spurs drawn in group of death will be in the Europa by February" "One man team when Kane isn't scoring they struggle" "They can't...
  3. Trix

    Is my boy too competitive, agression in Sport.

    . Not sure if this is the right place for this but just wondered what the good people of SC thought about Youth football and how competitive it is. My Son is 11 and is currently on the books for a championship club, but due to our location he is being sponsored by them to play for another...
  4. Trix

    [Update 16] Trix with this morning's bits

    Told we are wanting 2 in, that obviously becomes more if there are outgoings. Broken record time as far as Walker is concerned, if the fee is met he's gone. Barkley situation not changed either, was always going to drag on. Oh and worth mentioning there has been lots of enquiries regarding...
  5. Trix

    Silly season and potential outgoings Tottenham will keep their best players this summer and only sell those who are no longer wanted by the club, says manager Mauricio Pochettino. Spurs sit second in the Premier League, with a number of teams said to be interested in their top players...
  6. Trix

    What is our best full back combination?

    As it says on the tin what is your preferred pairing? n Has to be Davies and Trippier for me. I'll take positioning and quality of passing, over pace and recovery every day of the week from a defender.
  7. Trix

    Is a back up/rotation striker now our only real priority for January?

    I think it is. It's now about keeping these kids together and developing them as a unit.