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    What went wrong vs West Ham?

    We need to make it a rule, no more useless back and sideway passes in our own half. And definitely not when we are behind. West Ham has more shot on goals even though they have less posession of the ball. We only look good when the other team doesnt press hard, it's just sad, 10 years...
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    Walker Needs To Learn How To Cross

    If any of you are close friend of his, please tell him to stay back after training and start praticing. Even Wipey does a better job.
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    Malbranque-Tanio for CM

    Malbranque /Tanio never look comfortable on the flanks Malbranque has the vision and the technical ability. He's also very mobile, will track back. I"m sure he won't overdribble in his prefered CM role. Tanio- Tanio's a fighter, who will provide great cover/outlet for the backfour, as oppose to...