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  1. BehindEnemyLines

    Racist Abuse - consequences?

    I know there's several threads about the alleged racist abuse of Rudiger last weekend, but I am a little disconcerted at a separate aspect of this. What are the rules, procedures and consequences of alleged racist abuse at stadia? The reason I am a little disconcerted is that it appears the...
  2. BehindEnemyLines

    Tottenham Legends - Leds, Ossie & Roberts in East kent!

    Just a quick heads up for anyone else in east Kent. Tottenham Legends Ledders, Ossie and Graham Roberts are doing a stand up chat about their careers on 30th October at the Leas Cliff Hall in Folkestone. tickets around £30.
  3. BehindEnemyLines

    Age test on African players?

    Anyone know how accurate the test they do for u17 players is? I know Nigeria have had a lot of problems with their youth squad players being overage, so was curious about how they test and how accurate it is.....then I just saw Arsenals new 18 year old Nigerian striker and wondering if they can...
  4. BehindEnemyLines

    Ross Barkley - comedy genius?

    I didn't dive, scousers don't dive.......... Apart from his own attempts, has he forgotten the Stevie starfish and the Owen flounder? Surely this must be tongue in cheek our an Xmas bet?
  5. BehindEnemyLines

    Cheap stadium tour - 1adult+1child for £17.50

    Just a quick heads up if anyone's looking at a stadium tour - Argos are flogging off stadium tours (including WHL) for £17.50. This is 1 adult & 1 child.