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  1. poc

    Best window ever

    for me this is the best, irrespective of a lack of a new DM and despite our business not being completed before the season starts. With a DM, lamela, Ade and Lennon gone ( not because I necessarily want them all gone) poch has his team he can build success with . Exciting times I'm guessing we...
  2. poc

    Shergar cup

    I'm off to Ascot tomorrow anyone got any tips ? :-)
  3. poc

    Underwhelmed anyone?

    Considering the amount of money spent this window is anyone else slightly underwhelmed??? Maybe im being unrealistic but defoe and keane back??? did it work the first time? No sneaky surprising harry Loans!
  4. poc

    Message to Gareth Bale

    Will you leave your fucking Hair alone for more than 30 seconds!!! U looked like an extra from that something about mary micky monk scene in the bathroom. anyway great potential but how can u concentrate when sticking that hair behind those Jug ears! please stop it now you distracted my...