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    [Update 183] Rebrab re: Clearout

    This clearout will lead to something. One final bid...
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    Which players will be out under AVB?

    Basically, its a multiple choice poll - just pick the players you think will be sold/outed this summer. It will be interesting to see the general verdict of which players we think have no chance of staying! Not all the players are included because the maximum poll size is too small, but the...
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    Obscure Past Footballers

    Was going through a list of these the other day and the nostalgia was unreal. Amazing how much fun it can be to just name players. I'll start: Gary Doherty Goran Bunjecivic Jason Dozzel Luke Chadwick Fabio Rochemback Franck Quedrue Massimo Taibi Quentin Fortune Eric Djemba-Djemba Bebe already...
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    Kammy's England Song...

    Worth a listen. Quite catchy, plus everyone just loves kammy...
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    Most dislikeable prem manager? Vote for ALL the managers you dislike

    There is a multiple choice poll above. Very simply, pick all the managers you actively dislike and we will see who has the most dislikes by the end
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    Player Ratings vs Cheltenham

    For those who went to the game to fill in... on the other hand, commentators get a 10.
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    Tonights Prem Games

    Lets start with a weird one - where is Balotelli??? Presumed he was being rested for today
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    John Terry's face on Indian cigarette packets... :wtf: :rofl::rofl::rofl:
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    [Update 418] rebrab re: Cahill&Douglas

    Who: rebrab When: 22/08/11 Where: SC
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    Team vs Hearts (home)

    I thought I'd make a thread bearing in mind the team will be presumably weaker than usual so we may see some of our younger players. The young players I have been told we have officially registered in our European Squad (not sure if we're allowed to add any more) are: 1) Harry Kane 2)...
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    Europa League Draw

    Is tomorrow I believe! For the playoff rounds :up: we are obviously seeded. Games will take place on the 18th and 25th August. Thought I'd give you all a heads up as I'm quite looking forward to watching our younger players in action! :up:
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    [Update 310] Rebrab re: Keane

    Who: Rebrab Where: SC When: 31st July
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    Gareth Bale mk II on our roster! :lol:
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    [Update 266] rebrab re: Hernandez

    Who: rebrab When: 23/07/11 Where: SC Another bid going in for Abel Hernandez... from what I've heard he is a major target.
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    [Update 221]Rebrab re:Parker

    Who: Rebrab When: 10/07/11 Where: SC Reports of a 7m bid off the mark. We don't want to pay much more than half that. He wants to stay in London so he won't go to Villa unless no London clubs come in for him
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    [Update 218]rebrab re:Pav

    Who: rebrab When: 10/07/11 Where: SC Plenty of interest in Pav - Hoffenheim, Everton and Malaga all interested in him. However, we are asking for more than they're willing to pay at the moment (don't ask the figure, I don't know it!) as we would rather sell Keane and Defoe. We'll have to...
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    [Update 154] rebrab re:wages

    Who: rebrab When: 22/06/11 Where: SC Been told that we are willing to finally break our wage structure this year. Not massive news but a signal of our ambition for those who doubt it!
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    Twitter Campaign

    Right, you lot may think I'm an idiot for this, but could we start a twitter campaign between us? Tweet all the journo's and anyone linked with the club (including the clubs official twitter) #THFC need a world class striker (or whatever) to make it clear what the club wants. There are so many...
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    [Update 134] Rebrab re: Modric

    Who: Rebrab Where: SC When: 17th June Been told over and over again that we will not sell Modric. That still stands. Would have to be one hell of a bid and would also need Luka to hand in a transfer request (which he won't). We've got one year to get ourselves up there basically. But he won't...