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  1. carpediem1906

    Manager watch: Jose Mourinho

    Yes we are all pissed off, with that performance, with the tactics, with the result, with losing to that lot. And yes, we all have a right to be to let our emotions out. And bashing the manager (because he constructs the strategy and tactics isn’t it) is par for the course. Yet, the following...
  2. carpediem1906

    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - Groundhog Day you say? Groundhog Day you say?

    who are you, and what have you done with the real A&C? Did the Goat log in to the wrong account? Most folks focused on the one disappointment of the window - striker - but those who are imo missing out on the big picture >> which is that we completed 17 deals in all! in’s: Vorm loan, GF loan...
  3. carpediem1906

    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - The Tide Is High

    Meanwhile CCV has joined Luton on loan till end of season
  4. carpediem1906

    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - The Tide Is High

    so for the second cryptic, all of the following guesses were wrong >> werghost, willian jose, bale, some guy spam is after, some norwegian dude, Giroud and Bendtner
  5. carpediem1906

    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - Little Bald Riding Hood

    amazing but yet I doubt the folk(s) that came up with this cryptic could have come up with this 🙊
  6. carpediem1906

    Race for The Top 4

    EPL Race for Top 4
  7. carpediem1906

    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - Rainbow

    Jose said that GLC is definitely in his plans, and likely to stay. 🤔
  8. carpediem1906

    Player Watch: Giovani Lo Celso

    2 stand out moments 1. That press and tackle to win the ball back near the edge of their box, leading to a chance 2. That run into the box to anticipate Aurier’s cross. Should have finished, unlucky not to.
  9. carpediem1906

    Race for The Top 4

    silver lining is that the teams bunched up from 4th to 12th are only separated by 11 points, and many teams will take points off one another / drop points in the 16 matches to be played. dont recall ever seeing such a competitive season in the epl where anybody can take points off anybody
  10. carpediem1906

    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - The Wheels on the Bus

    DM more important than BF right now IMO Creative midfield players who can create / score: GLC Lamela Dele Ndombele That's plenty, especially in addition to Sonny and Lucas.
  11. carpediem1906

    Manager watch: Jose Mourinho

    If we scored one, I'm quite sure we would have gone on to win the game. That's how spot on tactically he had us playing today. Restricted them so so well. And then went for the kill. Could have, should have, paid off!
  12. carpediem1906

    Match Threads Spurs vs Liverpool - Match Thread

    To be fair, i think it was tactical instructions for #3. After the subs, both winks and dele looked so much better. And we definitely dominated the midfield.
  13. carpediem1906

    Match Threads Spurs vs Liverpool - Match Thread

    Precisely! After a while you could see what we were trying to do! We restricted their attack to 2 or 3 clear cut chances, from which they scored one. And last 25 mins, there looked like only one team in it, and all the liverpool fans around me + the liverpool bench all looked worried. AND we...
  14. carpediem1906

    Player watch: Christian Eriksen

    Probably won’t hear progress on this until after the Liverpool game
  15. carpediem1906

    Player Watch Player Watch...Dele Alli

    Other than his obvious lack of form, did anybody else also noticed that he’s a bit of a brat towards newer team mates? Doesn’t seem to like passing to Sessegnon or GLC, and quick to berate them as well. Also started to do a lot of keano type arms flailing in the air in frustration at team mates’...
  16. carpediem1906

    Player Watch: Giovani Lo Celso

    dele has not been substituted except once where he went on a strop. Like you, I’d love to see one game where GLC replaces Dele and plays as #10. edit: when Dele isn’t performing. Dele has not been playing well at all and didn’t get subbed once in the past 4/5 matches
  17. carpediem1906

    Player Watch: Tanguy Ndombele

    We could do with a Scott Parker now, beside Ndombele
  18. carpediem1906

    Match Threads Spurs vs Brighton - Match Thread

    the pundits on our live broadcast were Darren Bent and Tim Sherwood and Bent made the following point which really highlights why playing Winks and Sissoko (on this occasion / this type of players) really does not help us IN CONTRAST to what happened after GLC and Eriksen came on. The...
  19. carpediem1906

    Team for Norwich

    Alternative would be Eriksen starting instead of Ndombele (if he is up to it)
  20. carpediem1906

    Team for Norwich

    only because it was stated that KWP and Rose didnt train after the Brighton game, as else, would have started Rose. Gazza Foyth Sanchez Toby Jan Ndombele Dier Lamela Alli Lucas Kane Bench: Keeper, Eriksen, Tanganga, Sessegnon, Skipp, GLC, Parrott