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  1. michaelj70

    Match Ratings Ratings vs Norwich

    Norwich got some great wee fleet footed players Really hope they don't go down Lo Celso only bright spark for us
  2. michaelj70

    Player Watch - Steven Bergwijn

    I had to double check he wasn't substituted as I didn’t see him do much in 2nd half last night Was it just me ?
  3. michaelj70

    Player Watch: Tanguy Ndombele

    I loved Dembele but this mec is a class above ...
  4. michaelj70

    Tickets New Ticketing System

    Thanks all ..... I fathomed it out ... I went for 2 Adults as I have no idea what ages Young adult is ... 130 quid for 2 could have been worse I have the PDFs I guess I am good to go ... COYS ...
  5. michaelj70

    Tickets New Ticketing System i cannot find 2 together
  6. michaelj70

    Tickets New Ticketing System

    we will make it good atmosphere ... doing my head in this website ... I guess i have to buy individually and have to spend like 90 quid for each ticket ..ffs .... Are Leyton Orient playing on Boxing day ?
  7. michaelj70

    Tickets New Ticketing System

    Ethically/Financially is it best to buy from club or ST holders ?
  8. michaelj70

    Tickets New Ticketing System

    ha ha .. but it doesn't even give the orientation of the ground which is the south stand .. where is the best atmos in the new stadium ? I have only been to the shop just before new stadium openened
  9. michaelj70

    Tickets New Ticketing System

    *** SET your maximum price for a Ticket *** what a laugh doh I put in 1k
  10. michaelj70

    Tickets New Ticketing System

    i guess trying to speak to a person over the telephone doesn't work these days ?
  11. michaelj70

    Tickets New Ticketing System

    I don't understand the colours is blue available and what are red circles about ... its like some stupid battleship game
  12. michaelj70

    Tickets New Ticketing System

    Hello ... back in the UK for christmas Me and my lad what to go to Brighton game We no longer members ... Tried looking at eticketing but kept crashing although supposed to be on general sale Do you reckon I get any chance I know its going to be silly money ??
  13. michaelj70

    The Tennis Thread

    Lucas Pouille could he finally be finding some form ... Karen not easy oppo to beat
  14. michaelj70

    The Tennis Thread

    Good shout will try and catch that
  15. michaelj70

    Champions League Final in Madrid - travel arrangements

    Great thanks Any ideas for safe parking a VW van Saturday night will be kipping in it ?? Madrid Calling
  16. michaelj70

    Spurs in FRANCE (Not in PARIS)

    Salut Anybody in Lyon on Wednesday Hoping to watch game somewhere ?
  17. michaelj70

    Girona friendly confirmed

    How can we get tickets ??
  18. michaelj70

    Who is going to Dortmund?

    Hello ... I am looking for 1 ticket in Tottenham end Anyone ? I am working in Luxembourg and looking to get train or hire a car
  19. michaelj70

    The Etihad stadium Sunday

    I went when Berbatov played a blinder on his own after we went down to 10 men .. slightly better than the average new stadium But only one I like is Stadium of Light just because it still has the Roker Roar