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    Davide Astori

    Fiorentina Captain Davide Astori has been found dead in his hotel room before their game against Udinese. All Serie A games cancelled out of respect. I remember us being linked to him a few times over the last few years. Just 31 years old. Suspected heart attack. Amazing and such a shame how...
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    Survival Sunday

    Watching the Hull game, had the ball in the net twice but both given offside (correctly). Cam anyone actually see Hull pulling this off? would love to see the geordies go down again ..
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    New kits 2014/15 season

    Some nice new kits now being revealed for next season, Monaco being the nicest example so far. Anyone else seen any nice ones? On a side note, the leaked new Man United kit looks awful! new chevrolet sponsor looking particularly cheap and garish.. I cant post all the images obviously but...
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    Another club partnership?

    Has anyone mentioned this one yet? In the sun today (I know) within the snippet about us possibly buying Osvaldo there is also a few lines stating that we are setting up another club partnership like the one with Real Madrid but this time it is apparently with Roda JC over in the Eredivisie...
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    The special ones..

    Lately i've noticed that I have a habit of going into a thread and taking it slightly off topic by talking about and discussing players that used to play for us who would fit in brilliantly with todays team. I don't mean to do it, I just think we all have players that we have that attachment to...
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    AVB's inheritance

    No not a thread about AVB claiming some money following the death of an elderly relative. I'm talking about the debate between Souness and Hoddle after the Chelsea game. It seems to highlight a point that a lot of the media appear to have been completely oblivious to this season and a lot of...
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    Fernando Torres - Frikkin' awesome

    Seriously, what a player this guy is, pace, power and absolutely phenomenal finishing skills. I was really pleased when he came to England and the premiership. I've watched him for ages now from his days at Atletico through to the present day. He's always looked brilliant but it was quite...