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  1. mk_spur

    how dare you Tottenham

    im pissed on a a bloody monday and cant sleep as my adrenaline is running through me like a coke head on giro day. what you have done pochettino is miraculous and i will love you forever you cool as fuck three quarter length aquascutum wearing genius. hes magic you know mauricio pochettino!!! i...
  2. mk_spur

    tickets for wba now on spurs site

    Sorry if already posted but the bottom half of the away end is open now for tickets.
  3. mk_spur

    Who is going to Dortmund?

    wondered who is going and how are you getting there? Im on the 13.40 out of luton on the day bloody hope there are no delays as its leaving things short !!
  4. mk_spur

    I Just Won

    A day at spurs with a 90 minute match on the hallowed turf a look about and lunch. I have been jumping around the office like a nutter for the last half hour lol. I have never won anything in my life with the exception of the odd tenner on the lottery. Over the moon doesnt come close to how i feel.
  5. mk_spur

    Funny from the gooners

  6. mk_spur

    Micky hazard

    Absolutely love the fella for what he did today. Friend of mine is a mate of his and mentioned it was my step dads 60th today and how he was a mad yid so micky rung him up to wish him a happy 60th. I'm chuffed to bits and think it says a lot about the man. A proper spurs legend in my eyes and I...
  7. mk_spur

    If lloris goes........

    I stress if but how about a double bid to Cardiff when there relegated for the return of caulker and Marshall ? He has looked an assured keeper from what I have seen this year.
  8. mk_spur

    Would you consider

    It's a slow news day and this is purely hypothetical but would you consider a swap of dembele and 5 million for Cabaye a good deal? i really rate the guy and think he has modricesque like vision and would counter the pure power and pace of sandro, paulie, and dembele, and really help in picking...
  9. mk_spur


    What a great buy and what i would do for him now in our team. movement first class, finishing first class, hold up play first class and attitude you guessed it first class. Would be alot more confident of making top 4 if we had someone of his ilk spearheading our attack.