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    Man City clear-out - who would we take?

    A topic that's been touched upon elsewhere but I thought worthy of a thread. Given Citeh's very large (37?) squad and a limit of 25 you have to think there's a few players that will be shifted cheaply either permanently or loans. 'Arry said as much yesterday: "I think there will be a few...
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    Cheating on Spurs Chat with yer ITK mistress

    I've just made a couple of posts on Spurs Chat. I kinda feel like I've got back to the wife and kids on Sunday night after a dirty week away in Transfer Forum-land with the mistress. I'm wracked with guilt at how I've neglected poor old Spurs Chat after she's kept me happy all year. I'm just a...
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    If Berba has to go to Real Madrid or Barca who would you take in a swap deal?

    Building on the thread suggesting that Berba will go abroad if he does leave us, and that Real or Barca are possible suitors, who would you have from either of those teams in a swap deal? Yes, I know swap deals rarely happen so this is more for fun. Let's assume their player(s) can't say no to...
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    Levy interview in FC Business magazine

    Surprised this hasn't been posted already. Pleasing that stadium priority is to stay put at least. Reported in Sporting Life here (couldn't get the original interview): Daniel Levy would consider an offer to buy Tottenham only if the deal was right for shareholders and fans - but nothing of...
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    King out for rest of season - strategically resting knee injury

    Just on SSN :cry:
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    Top half finish - can we catch the Spammers?

    I really want to finish in the top half - more for pride than anything. But we're still 5 points adrift with 6 games to go. Spammers have four home games to our three. Yesterday morning I thought we'd do it but less sure now. For us: Blackburn (A) Middlesbrough (H) Wigan (A) Bolton (H) Reading...
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    Ronaldinho anyone? (Ramos likes him for Spurs but still a way to go though)

    Ramos told Sky Sports that Ronaldinho would fit into the Spurs team then. Wait til the tabs get hold of this. Eek,19528,11661_3353612,00.html "Tottenham Hotspur boss Juande Ramos has reaffirmed his determination to keep hold of Dimitar Berbatov, while...
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    Jewell hints at making Ghaly loan permanent

    SSN saying that Jewell dropping hints that Ghaly loan move could be made permanent. Good luck to him I say. Not major news but a couple of million extra for the summer kitty is always welcome. I personally reckon we'll have gross spending of £25-30M this summer so be good to raise £5-10M from...
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    Spurs PR machine this week

    I have to say that the Spurs PR machine has been running pretty well this week in terms of capitalising on Sunday's success. We've had positive coverage from the final whistle but the PR team must have been pretty active to continue it ALL WEEK (have a review of newsnow over the last few...
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    Now we'll have to play a full strength team next week

    Pretty clear that Ramos was disappointed with only winning 2-1 last night after the first half performance and now we can't take the home leg for granted. As mentioned by many in a recent thread, we needed to be comfortable after the first leg to truly rest players ahead of the Carling Cup...
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    This transfer window has been a PR disaster

    This transfer window has been a PR disaster - surely DC and JR need to pull their socks up and start handling this a bit better. 1. Berbo - Say no more. Speculation that won't go away 2. Hutton - So far, looking like we've been rejected, come back again and been rejected again 3. Defoe - No...
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    It's official! Berbatov loves me!

    Straight from the man himself in the Daily Telegraph. "It's a pleasure and an honour to play for Tottenham and I enjoy myself here. I love everyone who loves Tottenham and I see the passion of our fans," Timely and welcome words from the THFC PR machine. I think that we're getting better at...