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  1. garyhopkins

    Stats not a lot of good on their own (Harry doesn't embrace statistics article) ESPN

    The Moneyball revolution in football is academic in both senses of the word. For one, Moneyball - using statistics to unearth talent able to transcend budgets - has little evidence to support its effectiveness in football. Secondly, the kind of academic intelligence needed is not the only...
  2. garyhopkins

    Which players do you want and who will we get?

    'arry it is said, is targetting one or two players that will improve our team/squad. I think he may bring in 3 players. So, quite simply, and with no reasons or critique of others choices (can you do that?), can you name the players you'd like and the three players you think we'll get...
  3. garyhopkins

    MOM and Match Ratings v Arsenal

    Gomes 6 BAE 6 Corluka 6 Gallas 6.5 Dawson 6 Bale 6 Modric 7 Huddlestone 6 VDV 7.5 Crouch 6.5 Pav 6 subs Lennon 6.5 Sandro 6.5 Kaboul 5
  4. garyhopkins

    Ratings v Real Madrid

    Gomes 5 BAE 6 Corluka 6 Gallas 6 Dawson 6 Huddlestone 6 Modric 7 Bale 6.5 Lennon 6.5 VDV 6.5 Pav 6
  5. garyhopkins

    Ratings v Stoke City

    Can't see a thread and didn't see one for the Wigan game. I always like to see what people thought of the performance, however deluded they may be, so... Gomes 6.5 BAE 6 Corluka 6 Kaboul 6 Dawson 6 Huddlestone 6.5 Modric 8 Bale 7 VDV 7 Pav 7 Crouch 7
  6. garyhopkins

    Is the greatest comeback possible?

    Although I doubt it, I know it actually is. Well, nothing is impossible. We'll be home, the fans will be vociferous and I hope, I really hope, we go for it and produce a display worthy of all that (in our European campaign) preceeded Tuesday's debacle. I don't want a half-hearted display...
  7. garyhopkins

    Crouchie, JD and Pav

    Crouchie has just hit the winner at the San Siro! Unbelievable! From my reading of late our strikeforce appear to have suddenly gone from the hottest quartet in the League to the most wasteful, waste of space threesome that should have been swapped in the transfer window. Now, we all know...