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  1. SandroRedknapp

    What our opponents' fans are saying

    Generally agree but what about Adebayor in 11/12?
  2. SandroRedknapp

    AVB Stay or go *now with added poll for your pleasure*

    We play as if there's something living under the pitch. I have no one else to blame but the Turfies!
  3. SandroRedknapp

    Capoue - Sprained ankle (4 weeks)

    Literally just saw him in North Finchley McDonald's - was wearing a protective boot and on crutches!
  4. SandroRedknapp

    Blessings in disguise?

    If we signed Joe Cole we probably wouldn't have gone for Van Der Vaart! Blimey
  5. SandroRedknapp

    Clint Dempsey sold

    Sandro just commented on one of Dempsey's instagram pictures: " don't say bye brother"
  6. SandroRedknapp

    Roberto Soldado

    That @_A_V_B Twitter account is so blatantly fake! After we announced Paulinho it tweeted that Paulinho would join training the following Monday when even now he's still on holiday!
  7. SandroRedknapp

    Christian Benteke

    Time to deploy Baldini from Spain to Birmingham
  8. SandroRedknapp

    Paulinho signs for Spurs!

    Love you Paulinho
  9. SandroRedknapp

    Stoke City Vs Tottenham: Match Thread

  10. SandroRedknapp

    Stoke City Vs Tottenham: Match Thread

  11. SandroRedknapp

    Race for 4th (or higher) 4.0

    at least that gives Wigan more incentive for Tuesday..
  12. SandroRedknapp


    Great to see him proving a lot of people wrong who earlier in the season said he simply isn't good enough after being here for 5 minutes, often coming on as a sub AND out of position.
  13. SandroRedknapp

    What our opponents' fans are saying

    Shouldn't all this Wigan talk go into the "What our opponent fan is saying?" thread rather than this one?
  14. SandroRedknapp

    have spurs improved?

    Surely the Bale of this season pisses all over the Bale of 08/09?!
  15. SandroRedknapp

    Basel Vs Tottenham: Match Thread

    The one time we have a (partial) German Nd we don't utilise him in a shoot out!
  16. SandroRedknapp

    Tottenham Vs Everton: Match Thread

    Am I the only one feeling weirdly optimistic after watching that?
  17. SandroRedknapp

    Super Jan Vertonghen...

    The best possible replacement we could've got for Ledley - just so classy
  18. SandroRedknapp

    ratings vs liverpool

    Lloris - 6 Didn't really have that much to do, punched incoming crosses well, don't think he could have done anything for their first goal. Could have cleared their second goal but you can't pin the error on him imo. Walker - 4 Effectively cost us the match with his latest kamikaze episode...
  19. SandroRedknapp

    Tottenham Vs Inter Milan: Match Thread

    What the fuck is that hanging off palacio's head?!
  20. SandroRedknapp

    Dembele Injury

    Let's not forget AVB said the same thing about Sandro's injury after that game and we know how that turned out.