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  1. rhem

    Player Watch Player Watch: Moussa Sissoko

    Sorry fat fingers while scrolling :shy:
  2. rhem

    Wilmar Barrios

    “Boss is ready to freshen up his squad ahead of Tottenham's move to Wembley and believes Barrios would be a great addition” o_O
  3. rhem

    What our opponents' fans are saying about us 17/18

    I agree with this, but the performance of Premier League clubs in CL and EL does suggest it has gone down.
  4. rhem

    Do we lack a yard of pace in defence on Wembley Pitch?

    There was a pretty good video on BBC a few years back looking at if bigger pitches lead to late goals, and how what may seem a small size difference actually makes quite a large difference in the space players have.
  5. rhem

    Champions League 2016-17

    Reports from Germany also say they are investigating the letters to see if they are fake distractions to pin it on other groups. A leftist group has also claimed responsibility. If it was ISIS surely they would already have claimed responsibility.
  6. rhem

    The race for the title

    Unless man city win all of their games...
  7. rhem

    Injury Updates

    Apparently lost 20 minutes of memory after the concussion according to Danny Blind
  8. rhem

    James Mclean............

    I don't usually post but I read an article about a former British solider who served in Northern Ireland who supports McClean's stance. Was quite an interesting read that also explains in a little more detail why they have no reason to wear the poppy...