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  1. garyhopkins

    Marton Fulop - RIP

    Actually, it was a Greek team who came third in the Greek Super League. Unfortunately, Fulop had a tumor removed from his arm 9 months after the Arsenal game, and never played again after the surgery. He wasn't in the best shape for the Arsenal game and things only got worse after. Sad to say...
  2. garyhopkins

    Marton Fulop - RIP

    Whilst one could think that he threw the game, Fulop was playing for a new contract (which, of course, he didn't get) and thrown in the deep end for his one league game of the season. I am thus more inclined to believe Fulop's take (just before his sad early exit to cancer) on the whole sorry...
  3. garyhopkins

    Great Games: 1977 - Spurs 9 Bristol Rovers 0

    I remember a Peter Cook interview where he claimed every time he went to the toilet we'd scored against Bristol Rovers, so he just hung out at the toilets lighting up fags! Of course there was a twinkle in his eye, but I have not been able to find the interview so can't check the veracity of my...
  4. garyhopkins

    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - Groundhog Day you say? Groundhog Day you say?

    Freddie Woodman, Jake Clarke-Salter and Keiran Dowell say hi, and really wish your 2 out of 11 was correct...
  5. garyhopkins

    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - The Tide Is High

    That's so good, and Harry Redknapp like, I had to look it up and watch Jose telling this story ('You tube' it) with an 'arry twinkle in the eye.... Turns out records show Mario got sent off in the 60th minute, but still, its the way 'arry/Jose tells 'em!
  6. garyhopkins

    General/Non-Spurs Transfers

    So, if true, the 18m bargain was really 40m....
  7. garyhopkins

    The Mauricio Pochettino thread

    It may not be a miracle but he's done it in 4 consecutive seasons with a squad bought at minimal net spend and on a strict wage budget. It's really not easy getting top 4. Outside the so-called 'top 6' and Leicester's amazing season only Leeds (2000), Newcastle (2001/2002) and Everton (2005)...
  8. garyhopkins

    The Celebrity Deathleague Discussion Thread - UPDATED TABLE FIRST POST

    I think he might. 76 and tough as old boots. I thought he was on his last legs then remembered it was just acting; the final Deadwood episode.... So, found this interview...
  9. garyhopkins

    FIFA Women's World Cup 2019

    Oh come on, one of my best friends is American. And Rose Lavelle is probably my favourite player. But the USA were definitely the most 'professional' team and as such Morgan knows when to go down easily. I could find an example in every game. .
  10. garyhopkins

    the UFC thread

    Pretty crazy, huh? Masvidal and Askren seem to dislike each other a lot. That was Masvidal celebrating his win where you thought it was the guy who 'destroyed' Sage Northcutt's face. The guy who 'destroyed' Sage was Cosmo Alexandre. Cosmo whacked him very hard and again after he was out...
  11. garyhopkins

    FIFA Women's World Cup 2019

    Yes, I found it very ironic after being told how the women didn't dive, back chat and waste time as much as the men, that the eventual winners were clearly dabbling successfully in the dark arts.
  12. garyhopkins

    FIFA Women's World Cup 2019

    Morgan, as she has done throughout the tournament, went down easily. She went for the ball, knew a challenge was coming, closed her eyes, prodded the ball away and fell down. It is soft.
  13. garyhopkins

    2019 SC Royal Ascot Tipsters Comp.

    Day Five 2.30 Lope y Fernandez 3.05 Space Blues 3.40 Defoe 4.20 Blue Point NAP 5.00 Danzeno 5.35 Corelli
  14. garyhopkins

    The VAR Thread

    Just watched the Argentina penalty. Did the ball brush the hair on the Paraguayan's arm? Whatever happened to 'clear and obvious mistakes'? It seems to me that because 3 or 4 extra officials are being employed those officials want to be seen to be doing something and have decided to pull ****...
  15. garyhopkins

    2019 SC Royal Ascot Tipsters Comp.

    Crikey, after yesterdays Eurovision-esque null, nada, zip, zilch, one big fat zero, today I'm out of the relegation zone! Onwards we go, all together now..."We're coming for you, we're coming for you, Bradfordspur we're coming for you" Day four 2.30 Last Surprise 3.05 Private Secretary 3.40...
  16. garyhopkins

    2019 SC Royal Ascot Tipsters Comp.

    After today's performance(s) I really can't fail to have a better day tomorrow, so here goes.... Day Three 14:30 A'ali 15:05 Cape of Good Hope 15:40 Frankellina 16:20 Stradivarius NAP 17:00 Migration 17:35 Constantinople
  17. garyhopkins

    2019 SC Royal Ascot Tipsters Comp.

    Day 2 2:30 Flippa the Strippa 3:05 Jalmoud 3:40 Sea of Class NAP 4:20 Pretty Baby 5:00 New Graduate 5:35 Temple of Heaven
  18. garyhopkins

    2019 SC Royal Ascot Tipsters Comp.

    2:30 Mustashry 3:05 Arizona 3:40 Battaash 4:20 Phoenix of Spain. Nap 5:00 Mengli Khan 5:35 Elarqam
  19. garyhopkins

    Player of the Season

    Have to agree that Sissoko has been the most improved player. His form over the last two or three months has been great but I remember plenty of occasions earlier in the season when his technical ability let him down or he was one on one and he passed to the defender or something. I never...
  20. garyhopkins

    End of Season Lap of Honour - Live

    Interesting stuff about Digne, but I'm sure you're right and he'll ba back smiling on the first of June!