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  1. pablo73

    Do you trust the judgement of the man who said this?

    We have a great squad and we owe them a Head Coach who will bring out the best in them and allow them to flourish and enjoy a strong, exciting finish to the season. "We are in the fortunate position of having within our Club a talented coach in Tim Sherwood. "We believe Tim has both the...
  2. pablo73

    RVP Nazi Salute

    I'm amazed more has not been made of this - I was gobsmacked when I saw him do it. He says he can't believe people are interpreting it as a nazi salute, I can't see how it could be interpreted as anything else...
  3. pablo73

    Were the transfer deadline day bids a PR stunt?

    Sorry to hark back to this, but I am referring to the deadline day bids for Rossi, Aguero, Negredo & Llorente (I am forgetting anyone), all of which would have smashed our transfer record. I was suspicious at the time as the bids were made at a point when it would have been all but impossible...
  4. pablo73

    Who is to blame for our bloated squad?

    I thought I'd move this debate over from Transfer rumours. I don't think it's something that can be pinned on any one person but I am amazed how some people completely exonerate HR from any blame. The reason given is that he had to buy the players he did to get us out of the hole we were in...
  5. pablo73

    Who are our most important players?

    To distract me from my anger at HR's latest press conference comments, I have turned my thoughts to the summer. There has been a lot of discussion on here about which players we should buy but who are the players, in your opinion, who we simply cannot afford to lose? Mine are, in order: 1)...
  6. pablo73

    THFC Spin Machine

    Does anyone else think the supposed 38 millio bid for Auero and the other supposed bids for spanish based players were pure spin that (the old) new labour would have been proud of? I thought it at the time and I think it now - Levy can now turn round and say "well, you can't sat we didn't try"...
  7. pablo73

    How things change....

    A couple of years ago we had a midfield that was just not worthy of our strikeforce. The partnership between Berbatov and Keane was the envy of the Premiership and with Defoe and Bent in reserve the old cliche of "an embarrassment of riches" was impossible to deny. Our first choice midfield of...
  8. pablo73

    Wilson's 9 yellow cards

    I heard on the commentary of the Everton vs West Ham game yesterday that after this weekend's games the slate gets wiped clean for yellow cards, so Wilson is no longer one card away from a suspension. Can anyone verify that?
  9. pablo73

    Our squad for next season

    Quite a lengthy post - if you can't be othered to read all of it I have summarised the main points at the bottom. Now then, I'm sure I am not alone in this, but over the many years of being a Tottenham fan, I have often thought we are only two or three players away from having a squad that can...
  10. pablo73

    Levy Regime = New Labour

    It has occurred to me recently that the parallels between Tottenham Hotspur under Daniel Levy's stewardship and New Labour are becoming alarmingly and unavoidably evident. The amount of spin coming off the official site recently has been incredible and is an insult to the intelligence of the...
  11. pablo73

    Song for Luka!

    Thought I would get in nice and early so we've all got time to practise before August... all together now, a one, two, three, four (to the tune of Luka by Suzanne Vega) His name is Luka, He plays for the Tott-en-ham You know he'll always score Think you might have seen him before If you...
  12. pablo73

    anyone know if Slavia game is on t'box?

    I know it's not on Channel Five but thought maybe ITV4 - can't get listing for that...
  13. pablo73

    Our transfer policy

    I have to say I am delighted, and in no small part relieved, that we have forked out to buy proven, experienced, top quality players who will not necessarily have much sell on value. I was starting to seriously worry that we were sticking far too rigidly to our policy of buying young players on...
  14. pablo73

    Why do we need a DOF?

    Before I start, I want to make clear this is not another Comolli bashing thread - there are enough of those already. The aim of this thread is to question Daniel Levy's assertion that we need a director of football to ensure stability. He stated that with managers/head coaches coming and going...
  15. pablo73

    Jenas vs Mackay

    Fantastic quote that neatly encapsulates Jenas' performances this season, and quite a few others to be fair: 'Dave Mackay would run through brick walls for Tottenahm. Jenas would apologetically whisper that he has lost the keys for the door, then sleep on a park bench for the night'. Brilliant