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    Best ever Premier League performance?

    Given how much I enjoyed Sunday's game and all of the plaudits that have followed from pundits, the press and opposition fans, it got me thinking - was it our best ever Premier League performance? I think when all things are considered: - The style of play in both attack and defence - has there...
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    Conversation with the Average Gooner How many of these have we had in our lifetimes?
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    Cat cannot believe wonder goal scored by Danny Rose
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    Ramos - master tactician?

    I've always had faith in him up until tonight but now I am not so sure.. Last time we played against Chelsea away, we looked solid and well organised. Obviously still lacking any firepower up front but still defended as a team and in numbers. Fast forward two weeks, and what does he do? Drops...
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    Tomas Pekhart?

    Personally I haven't the kid play ever so I was just wondering from people who had seen a bit of him - is he that far away from being ready for the first team, that even in our current striker crisis, he wasn't even worth a place on the bench? It does make you wonder what the point of having a...