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    Boubakary Soumare

    Wasn't there talk of one of those young Portuguese DM's going out on loan with a view to a permanent? I think he's currently out of favour with his manager.
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    Player Watch Player Watch - Lucas Moura

    Was so worried that after the cl final that poch didn't rate him sufficiently or that he might become unsettled. He's become one of my favourite players in almost 40 years of supporting my club.
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    Juventus vs SPURS

    Sarcasm. It's pretty much Juve's starting 11.
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    Juventus vs SPURS

    Young lads doing very well. Parrott could have a goal and an assist with a bit of luck. Making great runs and linking the play very well up front though the pace of it has caught him on occasion. Juve will bring out the big guns for the 2nd half though.
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    Player Watch: Giovani Lo Celso

    The problem is though that, what was "our" model has now become the model for all clubs bar the wealthiest of the wealthy. The talent identification methods we used (and perhaps copied from Southampton) are now used in a lot of clubs so competition is greater and the value isn't as easily...
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    Spurs won't play in FIFA Club World Cup next season

    "According to a report in The Times last year - before Liverpool even played Real in the Champions League final - the Reds were among the first invitees, along with Man United, Real Madrid, Barcelona, AC Milan, Bayern Munich, Ajax, Juventus and Inter Milan. Although reports later stated that...
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    Sander Berge

    Plus it seems that Genk seem to have an eye for a player. Leon Bailey was there for a time and Berge was the 6'4 midfielder they brought in to replace a 6'4 midfielder they sold who was handy enough too.
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread 5th August

    So no Martial due to registration issues yet we're looking at a Croat forward? Makes absolutely no sense. a of clubs are struggling to freshen things up. We'll get clubs to take a punt on our unwanted before Thursday. We've come this far in a few years through good management. I'm still...
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    Wilfried Zaha

    According to Transfermarkt, Zaha is represented by "Unique Sports Management". Their clients include: Ryan Sessegnon, Jamal Lascelles, Andros Townsend, Ryan Fredericks and one of our own...
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    Player Watch Player Watch - Lucas Moura

    I've allowed myself watch a few youtube videos. If Poch can get him back to the sao paulo version circa 2012/13 then we really have a bums off seats player on our hands. Quick, tenacious, has an uncanny ability of snaking his foot into 40/60 situations and coming out with the ball. As others...
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    David Neres

    Janssen - Feyenoord Depay - PSV Ruiz - Twente De Jong - Twente Van Wolfswinkel - Utrecht Altidore - AZ I know some ex Ajax players haven't covered themselves in glory in the English leagues either (Babel) but most of the bigger signings from their academy have done well. Bergkamp, Suarez, our...
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    Anthony Martial

    Plenty of rumours of Lemar to Utd too. Where will he fit in? *optimistic
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    Anthony Martial

    Wasn't there two pieces of tenuous itk that could fit with this? The Basil Boli meeting where a French player was inferred and also the rumour a few days ago about a player who realised he made a mistake and wanted to correct it? Both could fit for martial. He'd be perfect for us which is why it...
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    Man City vs Spurs: Match Thread

    Just watched the game (missus wanted to watch some stupid film) and haven't been keeping up with the match thread. Perhaps i'll repeat what's been already said but yes. it wasn't a good performance by any means. I think we have to take into consideration that it's not a game that was played...
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    Ross Barkley

    Barkley goes to Chelsea and he must know that he's going to be a quota signing. He's gone stale at Everton and I doubt he'll get the chances at Chelsea (though I think he is good enough under the right management). I think that being a bit part player in the England squad has hurt him and he...
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    SC's Tactical Autopsy thread

    Unsure if this is the best place to post but I read an article some time back which discussed Poch's use of boundary poles as "opponents" or positional guides for players during training sessions to define when/where to press. Meant to bookmark it but didn't and can't find it now. Anyone read...
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    The Spurs Youth Thread – 2016/2017

    3 now. Hat - trick on his debut as a half time sub