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  1. DiscoD1882

    Stealing the Icelandic Chant

    I would love it (in a Kevin keegan voice) if when we got to WembleyI could see the 90,000 spurs fans do the Iceland chant but use yids instead of Hoo. reckon this would be absolutely amazing. I don't know how you start a chant. But if there are any chanter starters out there. Make it so!
  2. DiscoD1882

    Goal Difference Vs Top 10 - Are we not scoring enough or conceeding too many?

    So just looking at the league table and our goal difference is quite frankly awful. But is it a case of us not scoring enough or conceeding too many? Or Both? Looking at the teams immediately above and below us tells quite an interesting story. We have scored less than all but the 8th/9th/10th...
  3. DiscoD1882

    Tottenham Stadium House Wallpaper

    Spurs community. Help needed. Im looking for someone who makes printed wallpaper for rooms. My son wants his room with the stadium on a couple of the walls as well as other football related stuff. Astro turf etc. Does anyone or has anyone had any wallpaper prints done? I am assuming that to...
  4. DiscoD1882

    Tim Sherwood = Marmite

    Every thread at the moment decends into a pro\anti Sherwood discussion. I just want to gauge the overall feeling on this site for him. only two options **IF YOU DONT WANT TO USE THE EXTREME LOVE\HATE, THEN LIKE\DISLIKE** I dont want this to go the same way as all the other threads. we dont...
  5. DiscoD1882

    The 2000th post. Stats and facts-Bunting and fireworks edition

    Evening all I started my first thread here on my 1000th post and so for my 2000th I thought i would take a look back at my time here in SC. I joined in March 2006 but had been lurking for years before i plucked up the courage to post. Im glad I did. this site is immense and the best site bar...
  6. DiscoD1882

    Populous Survey

    Did anyone get the survey via email discussing the use of the Yid chant? What's everyone's opinion on it? Seemed a bit loaded to me
  7. DiscoD1882

    Wapping Warriors old Boys Vs Spurs Legends

    Charity match this Sunday 29th September. Spurs Legends Vs Warriors Old Boys at the Hive, HA8 6AG, We are raising money for Great Ormond Street Hospital. Free entry on the door but we are collecting on the day and holding a prize raffle. Come along, enjoy the match and have a drink with us...
  8. DiscoD1882

    Scott Parker's Pirouette Bingo!

    Just a bit of fun - how many times will scott parker Pirouette (spin 360 round the ball for the non french speaking spurs chums.) during tonights England match if he plays. guesses below: Winners get a hearty slap on the back. losers have to do ten press ups whilst reciting the national...
  9. DiscoD1882

    How old were you?

    Last time we won at Old Trafford? I was 14. Can't believe it's been that long 2-3 years!
  10. DiscoD1882

    What will you do if.....

    Simple really, what will you do if we finish.......... 3rd - Go out on a massive bender in Islington with my spurs shirt on 4th - Go out on a massive bender in Islington without my spurs shirt on 5th - sulk. drink lots. start threads on SC about HARRY OUT and the SQUAD IS SHIT!
  11. DiscoD1882

    Wapping Warriors Old Boys Vs Spurs Legends

    Hi all This a bit of a plug for my team the Wapping Warriors Old Boys who are playing a charity football match against the Spurs Legends at the Barnet training ground on Sunday 16th October KO 2pm we are raising money for Great Ormond St Hospital and hope to raise in excess of £2000 entry...
  12. DiscoD1882

    Spurs Legends......Any good?

    My mate is raising money for great Ormond street hospital and is currently talking to the spurs legends about a possible game in October. Has anyone seen them play? I assume they must be pretty tasty. Would be fantastic to play against them. Im seriously excited about it. Also who plays for them?
  13. DiscoD1882

    stand up if you're spurscommunity

    Just an idea but would be a great idea to try. Tonight on 20 minutes all SC members should stand up. lets see how many reading this website are at the game.
  14. DiscoD1882

    The Biggest Ever What If.....

    So this is my 1000th post on SpursCommunity so I thought I would try and leave a thread worthy of this milestone. A pure hypothetical question, but what if.......We went all the way to the Champions league final and faced Arsenal at Wembley? Just the thought of this sends my brain into...
  15. DiscoD1882

    I Think Rafa prefers the older women

    Anyone else see after Rafa scored his goal he went hunting for another OAP to kiss? Thats twice now. I think he likes a bit of senior Milf! Rooney eat your heart out! :-)
  16. DiscoD1882

    Huerello Gomes Vs Twente

    Was it just me or did his kicking seem to be even worse than normal? He wasnt even getting it to the half way line. He then stopped kicking it all togehter and started to throw it out. I wonder if he is stil injured?
  17. DiscoD1882

    Peter needs a chant.

    After last night's hatrick and THAT goal against Man City. Surely it is time Mr Crouch got his own chant? I was slightly embarrassed last night that Pavulychenko, coming on as sub got a chant, but not peter? Urgent action needed.........Did I mention we are in the Champions League?
  18. DiscoD1882

    Sky Sports ask you to finish the sentence..,19528,11670_6310022,00.html WENGER CLOSE TO COMMITTING.............
  19. DiscoD1882

    will the last one left turn off the lights?

    Do we know who is off with their countires for international duties? Both full and under 21's as it doesnt look half bad from an england point of view with Just Dawson away? Whilst i am happy with this I am also a little amazed that the 6 players bought into the original squad only have one left...
  20. DiscoD1882

    Swap Shop

    It would seem this weekend that both ourselves and Man City will be supporting out biggest Rivals praying they win. Man City go to L'Arse and we of course take on Man Ure. Anyone else going to sneakily be hoping for a Arseanl win? and I am sure the Man City lot will be hoping for a Man Utd win...