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    Les Miserables

    I was watching the Euro Final yesterday and I noticed some players that just really looked sad. Thought Raphael Guerreiro had a great game, but whatever happened during the game, good, bad, whatever, the fella had the same sad expression on his face. Then Anthony Martial came on for France, same...
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    Open season

    Main idea here is that this season seems to be marking a real sea change re the staus quo of the traditional top 3, and then whoever struggles to get 4th. Really, the PL title could go in any one of about 5 directions...including N17! Yep, I said it, doesn’t mean I think it’ll definitely happen...
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    Our club, history, fans, future and AVB

    I’m starting this thread ‘cause I was actually thinking about what it means to be a young Tottenham fan. I started supporting this club as a very young Greaves worshipper and enjoyed our successes as a Spurs fan. I’m actually proud of our young fans who have never really experienced or known...