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  1. matty182

    spurs fulham full match download

    Hi, sorry if this has been mentioned in the match thread or even if im not suppose to ask (presume thats only for a stream whilst the match is on) but does anyone know if I can watch this online anywhere as missed the game as I had to do a gig for record store day..cheers
  2. matty182

    Unhappy Villas-Boas hits out at Football League

    Tottenham manager Andre Villas-Boas has accused the Football League of putting his players' careers in jeopardy with its scheduling of the Capital One Cup. PA Sport Report – 26 minutes ago Email 0 Share 1 Tweet 0 Print Eurosport - Andre Villas-Boas Related Content Lennon doubt for...
  3. matty182

    Real Madrid cancel Gareth Bale talks due to his Tottenham happiness

    Real Madrid cancel Gareth Bale talks due to his Tottenham happiness Tottenham Hotspur news: Gareth Bale talks with Real Madrid have been cancelled *insert handsome pic of Bale thats not from Getty. thanks TM* Scheduled talks between Real Madrid and Gareth Bale’s representatives have...
  4. matty182

    Sandro injury

    Any news on this? I was told this morning by a 'fan' that he may be out for 2 weeks but cant see anything online so was presuming it was bollocks?? well hoping it was..:cry:
  5. matty182

    Combined starting 11 for North London :)

    Anyone else seen this? Apologies if its already posted but I couldnt see it.. DEBATE By Chris Myson With a huge weekend of football ahead of us, the pick of the...
  6. matty182

    Becks resigning for LA Galaxy

    On SSN least it'll stop Harry going on about him
  7. matty182

    Ammo to finish higher than the scum?? Aston Villa v Arsenal, 7:45pm Wednesday 21 December Arsenal's Wojciech Szczesny cannot imagine finishing below Tottenham • Arsenal have ended season above rivals for last 17 years • 'It means a...
  8. matty182

    Spurs players when they were young..great photos

    Apologies if this has already been posted but made me laugh which was good considering I feel hungover and have to work extra hours today..
  9. matty182

    Tottenham consider shock move for Arsenal bench warmer Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp is reportedly considering making a move for Arsenal’s disaffected striker Nicklas Bendtner this summer as the White Hart Lane manager looks to strengthen his...
  10. matty182

    The most pointless signing by Tottenham in years?

    I dont know if anyone has seen this and apologies if it's been posted already but I kind of agree with it. A transfer for Everton’s Steven Pienaar to Tottenham Hotspur seems to be a done...
  11. matty182

    Pubs in torquay!paignton to watch the champs league game?

    Can anyone suggest a pub where I can watch the game tomorrow night in torquay or paignton? Most places ive asked r showing the manure game? Cheers
  12. matty182

    Man city fans like us now Fair play for some of those comments..i only read a few as i have drunk too much :beer: Did i mention champs league next season?????:clap:
  13. matty182

    goon to get tattoos removed Double standards?? He’ll get rid of his tattoos for his religion but he’ll never be able to adapt to the “not lying and being fair” whilst he wears that shirt
  14. matty182

    Lennon thread on manure forum I really hope we beat these tomorrow...bring it on :beer: