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    Leading surgeon forecasts Kane Euro 2020 absence

    What ever happened to Danny Welbeck? I used to enjoy seeing him play for the Three Lions
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    The key role Erik Lamela could play for Jose Mourinho

    HI again 'double0: My suggestion for Lamela wasn't based on sentiment, but what he can do for the team.
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    Spurs fail in appeal over Son Heung-min's red card

    Son's penalty offence comes from his attitude towards football...which I. m. h. opinion goes something like: "I am a FAIR-MINDED player and I beat people by largely by using FAIR MEANS (my speed/ skill). When I am constantly fouled and fouled, I finally see red (that my opposing player would...
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    The key role Erik Lamela could play for Jose Mourinho

    HI 'double0': Although I have to agree with you regarding Lamela's injury record we need that type of player on the squad.....maybe " it's time to part ways" is a little O.T.T. Some teams need a squad 'livener-upper'...almost certainly we do? Is there not simply a spot on our bench for guys like...
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    Y-word consultation update

    So, if 'we' fans.... are only 11 per. cent Jewish, it seems pointless to continue with this outmoded expression does it not?
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    Tottenham interested in Jarrod Bowen

    Thank the Lord we are winning a few games....otherwise Levy would really be in for it! For the record I'm not a Jose hater, more a Mauricio lover.....still waiting to see.
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    Son Heung-min insists it’s an ‘honour’ to work under Mourinho

    Why are you so mad at the team 'Sir Henry'?
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    Heung-Min Son's marvellous solo goal from win over Burnley.

    Wonder what time he would record over a 100meter sprint.........10.6 seconds maybe?
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    Kane wants to build 'strong relationship' with Mourinho at Spurs

    What else can he say.....of course he does. This is not really news is it?
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    Mourinho apologises to Dier for first-half substitution during win

    Hi 'sebo-sek': Much as I do see what you are saying, let me ask you this: Do you thjnk that the idea of 'this will do me a lot of good to further apologise....especially as Erik is a valued member of the squad' never entered Mourhino's head?
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    Mourinho apologises to Dier for first-half substitution during win

    At least a quiet apology is due to Dier....Mourhino trying to bumsuck his way back into the team again
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    Mourinho reveals he's spoken to Christian Eriksen about his future

    Why should Eriksen say anything significant to Mourinho plus f-----g Amazon?
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    Jose Mourinho appointed new Head Coach

    I said last week: 'be careful what you wish for' all of you "Spurs Fans".... Now we have Mr Wonderful; let's see how it goes...........
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    Time running out for Mauricio Pochettino

    Pochetto out!.....Ive seen this sort of groundswell on here so many times; Redknap out!; Jol out! etc' etc. 'be very careful what you wish for' is another cliché that might be quoted here. Let's try to keep our heads people......
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    Gary Neville backs Pochettino to solve troubles

    Gary knows, you guys just wait........
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    Pochettino concerned by Amazon Prime series

    Boy, when 'Spurscommunity' gets their collective teeth into somebody............