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    Missing spurs fan

    Hi, not sure if it should go in here or not, so apologies in advance. A friend of mine has been missing since Friday, left to travel to Madrid, had a final ticket but didn’t even make the game. I’m not sure how he travelled yet, but hasn’t been seen or heard of since - obviously people are...
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    Toby Alderweireld

    Couldn't see a thread in the first 10 or so pages, so firstly apologies if there is one, but I've seen a few websites reporting us being interested in Toby. Would be a decent purchase if MM...
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    Haye V Fury

    I've found myself getting quite excited about this boxing match for some reason. I used to find Haye really irritating, but seeing him on I'm a celebrity, I believe the public got to know him as a person more, rather than the 'show' within boxing. I like him actually, but still wondering how...
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    Chelsea U21 v Spurs U21

    Match being played this Friday at Aldershot FC's ground. Free entry too, just wondered if anyone local enough was aware and is going?
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    Let us not forget, the game is about glory..

    I have to say, after losing a game in the fashion of throwing it away, it's hard to swallow and even harder to keep emotion out of communications. In the world of social media, it's all to easy to see 'banter', which is actually abuse from other fans, and very far from actual banter...
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    Real Madrid 'partnership'..

    I'm not sure if there has been a thread on this, so apologies if I am repeating old words here, but I have a query over the Real Madrid partnership that was announced just before Modric left us for them in the summer. Firstly, did the announcement only take place for propoganda reasons itself...
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    Andy Carrol

    £35 Million. Geez, thats an aweful lot of money for someone as poor as that. Current form, £5 million tops. Think the government should get Mike Ashley in to sort out the financial crisis if he can pull off deals like that. Feel for Carrol though, not his fault he is worth that, and by all...
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    Fuck me, I'm glad we didn't get this twat. Fast becoming the most annoying player in the PL for me. Diving, cheating scumbag. I'm just glad we didn't get him.
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    Other fans opinions of Spurs..

    When it comes to our games, I normally find myself looking at others teams forums for the match threads, to see what they think about the game and their opinions. Very rarely do you come across another teams forum, where the opinions are actually intelligible opinions based on footballing...
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    Redknapp - Manager of the year ?

    I haven't heard anything about it anywhere, and thought it was a given that Hogson would be getting it. I saw this article from the web, but still not found anything that says it officially though...
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    A:3K Championship

    Looks fun, not seen anything like this before, some of the best players going at it in a skills competition. Rooney, Drogba, D Villa, Ronaldo, Gerrard.. battling it out doing skill stuff at the o2 arena...
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    Brazilian Spurs Fans..

    Are there any, that live over in Brazil? Trying ti find out if any of the brazilian TV channels show UK games, but specifically the FA Cup semi final, as I'll be in Costa De Sauipe for a few weeks. I've tried doing my own searches online, but haven't found anything concrete, but my brother...
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    David Beckham

    Love him for his footbal, hate him because he lacks talent... The guy is still the fucking man. Can't get in the first starting 11 at Milan, yet he is still THE biggest name in football. Thank fuck he is ours, because he is a true fucking legend. I'm really excited watching the Utd game...
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    Ipswich Goalkeeper quits football - aged 22

    Quite surprised to see this article The young fella is a bloody good goalkeeper and potentially could have been a premier goalkeeper in the future. He has just walked away from the game, citing that he fell out of...
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    Midweek football

    Bent scored again, SUnderland 1-0 against Chelsea!
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    Fortress White Hart Lane

    I read this morning that our last home defeat was back last November.. I don't really remember off teh top of my head, when we last used WHL as a fortress, a term you often see held for the likes of Old Trafford or Anfield. I'm trying to not get excited, as it is only one game, but if we...
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    The Lawro Thread

    I never thought I would say it, but I've missed reading his predictions over the summer. So, when I checked the Beeb site today it was a great pleasure in seeing his predictions. Even more shocking to see him predict us draw against his beloved Liverpool... Is Lawro finally seeing the...
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    Aldershot Town v Spurs XI

    Anyone going to this on Wednesday evening? Not sure if there are many locals to Aldershot here, but its the next town up for me, so I will pop along to watch. Think I'll take my eldest boy along for his first game, see how he fairs there, before I arrange his first trip to WHL!! He is only...
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    Championship Promotion battle

    Last weekend of the football league tomorrow, and there is a very interesting 3 way race to the second automatic promotion spot. Reading Birmingham Sheffield Utd Reading host Birmingham, who are 3 points ahead of Reading, so Reading need to win, to go above Birmingham. Sheffield are 1...
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    The best team in London...

    Tottenham 8 3 4 1 13 Arsenal 7 2 4 1 10 Fulham 7 2 2 3 9 West Ham 7 2 2 3 8 Chelsea 5 0 2 3 3 Maybe Arsenal could win the London League, if they beat Chelsea. Makes for good reading, we are normally rubbish in this mini league ;-)