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    Parking at Stanmore for EL game.

    Hi Guy, just a quick enquiry. Did anyone here drive to Stanmore for the Champions League games at Wembley? I'm just wondering what the parking situation was like at the station itself, as I imagine it being a popular route amongst Spurs fans. Cheers
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    Fenerbahce withdrawn from the Champions league

    1732 FOOTBALL: Turkish champions Fenerbahce are removed from the Champions League because of an ongoing match-fixing investigation . Turkey's Football Federation says it has withdrawn...
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    Putting the Modric Injury into perspective (Warning Graphic!)

    We were all sad to hear about Modric's injury, but his was nothing compare to this below which happened in the Standard Liege vs Anderlecht game this weekend, gotta feel so sorry for this guy. We are lucky Modric didn't get a break of this calibure WARNING! NOT FOR SQUEAMISH VIEWERS Ive put...
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    Hilairious Spurs Vid

    GwE_CrjxahI Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere but it's funny stuff
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    Gio is back :D

    Hopefully He will get his head down, resulting is some playing time
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    This BBC article...... I may be nit-picking a bit here, but... I found it quite annoying that they used a picture of spurs crowding the referee in the article, as it seems to me that we are not one of the main culprits of this type of thing, and it comes across as...
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    Paulo Da Silva Been linked above, but only mentioned as a possible second team, so whether it's jsut media speculation, I don't know. The blokes on a free so may be a Harry signing
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    Great Robbie Keane song

    He was a yiddo all along Keano Keano He's gonna prove Benetiez wrong Keano Keano He left the Lane but now hese back And Liverpool look fucking crap Robbie Keane Tottenham's Prodigal son la la la la Ect :grin: Credit goes to dawson is a rock on Glory Glory for this