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    When will the new contract splurge begin

    Last season we had a time where every week a new contract was agreed It does look like the ITK about Dier and Toby might have been a little premature Really the below all deserve new contracts Kane Dele Dier Toby Eriksen Absolutely key we get these done asap in my view, i know a lot only...
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    Order of players you wouldnt want to sell

    Would imagine our top players are going to be linked all summer What would be your list of top 5 players you would least like to go 1. Kane 2. Alli 3. Rose 4. Toby 5. Siss..... sorry Dier
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    Tickets v CSKA Moscow

    Trying to get a ticket for me and my 2 boys, there looks to be a few areas in green, but cant seem to find 3 or even two together Anyone know of a way i can check, i seem to remember someone posting and you could see the actual seats left so i could at least get some close, but dont seem to be...
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    Team v SCBC

    would imagine dembele will be banned and maybe Toby injured would freshen it up as well Lloris Trippier Wimmer Verts Davies Dier Mason Lamela Eriksen Clinton Kane
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    RIP Peter Baker 61 double right back

    died this morning, very sad
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    My dad met Arry at the weekend

    hi all, not a WUm, posted on coys a lot, my dad went to play golf on Saturday in bournemouth, he was there for the weekend and he saw Arry, think it was his golf day or something, he said He knew from Jan he was toast, he met Roman Abramhovic for dinner as he wanted him to take the chelsea...