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  1. Treacle

    Pochettino wants Levy to sell five big names

    Depends on how much Poch wants to stamp his authority on this team. If he doesn’t believe in the project anymore then may be its time for him to stick to his guns and go.
  2. Treacle

    Pochettino wants Levy to sell five big names

    He maybe one of our most professional players but the fact remains he has not signed a contract and therefore is not committed to the club long term. Poch should therefore be brave and make an example of these players. He can’t play Toby and make an example of Eriksen, he has to treat alike or...
  3. Treacle

    Pochettino wants Levy to sell five big names

    Don’t understand why he doesn’t just stick the contract rebels in the reserves and play people who are actually committed to the club. He did it before with poisonous characters and if the Eriksen situation is indeed upsetting the dressing room then deal with it. Obviously we don’t know what is...
  4. Treacle

    Pre-season key for Kyle

    With Trips seemingly on the way out, it’s time to grasp this opportunity by the scruff of the neck.
  5. Treacle

    Kieran Trippier ‘having medical at Atletico Madrid'

    Think he’ll be a big loss personally. Ok, down in form last year but there’s a good player in there. Be interesting to see what the plan for RB this season will be if he does go. Maybe Dani Alves and one of the kids. Who knows? In Poch we trust though.
  6. Treacle

    Monaco open talks with Spurs for signing Aurier

    Don’t think he’s that bad personally but if Monaco wanna do a deal then I’m sure they could chuck Tielemans our way.
  7. Treacle

    Tottenham reject Napoli bid for Kieran Trippier

    I know he’s not been great this season but like a lot of our team he’s probably bushed from the World Cup. Unless we can bring in some one of top top quality, give him another season to see if he can reach his true potential. We also need to consider our home grown quota.
  8. Treacle

    Tottenham agree terms with Barrios agent

    Looked awful in the World Cup to me, like someone else said, Thomas Partey at At.Madrid could be worth looking at.
  9. Treacle

    Pochettino pre-Liverpool press conference

    Soft tissue injuries are a bitch - did my ankle playing 5 a side and it’s never been the same since. Even just walking sometimes I feel it going. Hopefully with access to proper physio and trainers he’ll have a long and fruitful career. On a different subject, love the arrogance where he says...
  10. Treacle

    Vertonghen set to serve one-match Champions League ban

    Shocking decision by the ref last night but I'm sure we have enough to see off APOEL without Super Jan. Madrid would have been a different story
  11. Treacle

    Spurs tipped to sign Sessegnon ‘Liverpool end interest’

    Buy him and loan him back for regular game time. He's still just a kid and the experience will do him good.
  12. Treacle

    Spurs and AIA Extend Official Partnership Until 2022

    Can we at least use their mountain logo on our shirts? So much more tasteful that the current abomination.
  13. Treacle

    Tottenham have no intention of losing Eric Dier

    Dier is potentially a future club Captain, you just have to look at the way he gets fired up to see that he could be our new Dave McKay
  14. Treacle

    Hugo Lloris 'gutted' at Tottenham's failure against West Ham

    Truer words couldn't have been spoken. I'm really annoyed today. Annoyed at our complacency (once again) expecting a team to turn over, annoyed at West Ham for playing anti football and really really annoyed at the West Hamfansfor celebrating like they'd won the bloody league. We need to realise...
  15. Treacle

    Pochettino hoping for psychological edge

    Let's just beat West Ham first. They'll be up for beating us always.
  16. Treacle

    Janssen on Tottenham future

    It might help if Poch gave him a run out on some more clear cut games. I'm still scratching my head why we brought Sissoko on in place of Kane when we were three up at the weekend. To me that seemed a blatant opportunity to give a low on confidence striker a run out.
  17. Treacle

    Pochettino: 'Maybe we need more quality in the squad'

    Yes but we won't pay the prices for the quality required so you need to look at how you get the players fired up for these statement matches. I know we've had some injuries but this 4-1-4-1 formation clearly isn't working either so it needs to be binned.
  18. Treacle

    Pochettino: CCV is good enough to play first-team football

    Really looking forward to seeing what this lad can do.
  19. Treacle

    Pochettino: Why Nacer Chadli joined West Brom

    Gutted to see him go but fair play. At least he had the inclination to actually go earn his wages.