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  1. Reece

    Harry Redknapp Says What We're All Thinking

    Say no more...
  2. Reece

    Spurs Lads In South-East?

    Any fans on here live around Peckham / Camberwell way? I've moved down these ways and if anyone frequents pubs to watch the games be good to have a few Spurs boys to go with.. most of my Spurs mates have moved out of London or don't go to games / pubs anymore. Wasters!
  3. Reece

    Lacking Guile In CM?

    I'm worried we're all pace and power in the middle and lacking technique. And no Tom Carroll is not the answer. Who's the player to play the assist to the assist? I'm surprised with Wanyama and Dier in the squad we didn't go for a playmaker CM instead of a runner. We need someone to make that...
  4. Reece

    Seize Glory Homepage

    Quite a unique intro on our official site at the moment which I was presented with when I added a tweet before entering the site - which you are prompted to do. Looks very professional in my opinion! Nice touch from UA. I guess this is the bonus of being their most popular team, more time...
  5. Reece

    Benfica vs Ajax (26th July)

    Bit random this but I'm in Lisbon this weekend and was surprised to find this game on as a mark of respect to Eusebio. I'm gonna catch it as the cheapest ticket is 20 euros and it's a chance to eyeball a good pool of players. Any fellow sc'ers in Lisbon see this and fancy tagging along give...
  6. Reece

    F30 Legends Take The Trophy

    On penalties at that! Well done lads! F30 Legends ‏@f30legends 1h And Spurs take the title by winning on penalties. Well done Spurs Legends.
  7. Reece

    Spurs Soundcloud

    Looks like a brand new thing, thought i'd give a heads up on it for all you Soundcloud users!
  8. Reece

    England vs ROI

    Anyone watching? Maybe the new Nike sponsorship will herald a new era :unsure:
  9. Reece

    League Cup Fourth Round - 30th & 31st October

    Currently Reading 3 - 0 Arsenal :D
  10. Reece

    Post-Match Interview..?

    Has anyone seen it? I missed it, did he speak to the media? Or does anyone have a link. God knows what he managed to say after that!
  11. Reece

    Cool Harry Redknapp Vid

    FFS, Epic fail on trying to embed the video Enjoyed watching this, and puts a few things into perspective with how far he's brought us along. More good times ahead i'm sure!
  12. Reece

    Tickets for the swansea game?

    I see these are sold out on the homepage.. then i search on google and some websites are selling them for £195!!!! Is this some kind of con.. WTF. I so badly wanted to go to this game, guess its too late unless i wanna get my trousers pulled down :-|
  13. Reece

    M'Poku to standard liege

    Just noticed he's been sold on fb of all places. Confirmed on official site A little suprised, thought he had a future
  14. Reece

    Worst bit of reporting i've noticed in a while ..

    Beside all the blatant speculation in the papers etc... Taken from an article on skysports regarding liverpool going in for charlie adam. "Ongoing interest in Adam, who suits Fenway Sports Group's policy for young, British players, adds to the uncertainty surrounding Raul Meireles...
  15. Reece

    Picture on skysports of redknapp and modric ..

    seems a tad rude lol,19528,11661_6985891,00.html
  16. Reece

    Nice little harry interview

    This was after the 3-1 over inter milan, so not a brand new interview but i found it a nice watch. Harry talking about the players on the golf course and also about samuel eto'o.,26691,12606_6528229,00.html
  17. Reece

    Palacios today

    I thought palacios had an outstanding game today. His through balls could have been a little more weighted but he chased and chased and tackled all game. Brilliant player.. really has changed the perception of us having that soft centre. just hope he doesn't get injured, we really need...
  18. Reece

    tickets for fulham game?

    eazy people.. im gonna be in london for christmas and new year (woohoo!). Just wondering for the regular away fans, does anyone think that there will be any spare tickets available on match day if I pop down to craven cottage? thanks in advance
  19. Reece

    Pennant to Zaragoza

    well that came out of nowhere. Heard they just got promoted back to La Liga aswell. Would be good to have some english players doing well in leagues other than the EPL. Although with his chequered past im sure its a wait and see ..
  20. Reece

    website for transfer dealings

    is there a website around that anyone knows of that comprehensively lists the transfers in and out completed by each club as it happens over the transfer window?