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  1. Atarrier

    Spurs’ title challenge is a fairytale too – but don’t shout about it

    Tottenham winning the Premier League would be almost as remarkable as a triumph for Leicester City. Read the full article at The Guardian
  2. Atarrier

    Spurs fans should trust Pochettino, a manager who doesn’t need to spend

    A failure to sign cover for Harry Kane has left many at White Hart Lane disappointed, but with a top-four place theirs to lose and a title shot a possibility, the Argentinian deserves some faith Read the full article at The Guardian
  3. Atarrier

    Bon Voyage!

    With winter quickly approaching, UKIP prospering and Tottenham failing. My partner and I have decided to grab a break from England for the next two years and instead head out to Southeast Asia and then on to Australia. As my girlfriend poetically put it "you're not spending the next two years on...
  4. Atarrier

    An odd thing happened on Thursday

    My Thursday night started the same as most of yours I presume. Harry Kane!? Oh god, my nihilistic Spurs instinct is kicking in. What's the point in it all!? And at first, it went the way I thought it would, our high line let a ball through to easily and it was 1-0, stupid loss of possession, bad...