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  1. L.A. Yiddo

    Ian Broomfield has left the club (again) Broomfield, who was in his second spell at the club, departed last week after his contract expired and, to his surprise, he was not given a new one. Levy continues to have Dave Webb as the...
  2. L.A. Yiddo

    West Brom v Spurs - Pochettino's Full Pre Match Press Conference

    Full conference below:
  3. L.A. Yiddo

    OT Watford's Stadium 'Improvements'

    These renders are a joke, right?! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  4. L.A. Yiddo

    1984 BBC Documentary - Awaydays - Tottenham Hotspur

    Brilliant documentary. Funny how they're talking about the price of football back in 84. I can only imagine what many of them think today. :D
  5. L.A. Yiddo

    Concern for Gazza..

    This is the saddest picture of him that I have seen... (picture is copyright and I won't link it) The poor bloke looks terrible, I hope he's able to pull himself through this.
  6. L.A. Yiddo

    Pochettino Interview, finally!
  7. L.A. Yiddo

    Adebayor Sky Sports Interview 17/01/14

    Original link:-
  8. L.A. Yiddo

    Full Tim Sherwood Interview pre Swansea

  9. L.A. Yiddo

    Full AVB Press Conference pre Everton

  10. L.A. Yiddo

    W*lshere smoking

    Come on we all saw it.
  11. L.A. Yiddo

    AVB press conference prior to Norwich game

    Didn't see it posted. 20 mins long :D
  12. L.A. Yiddo

    Anton Ferdinand

    In light of this:- Posted this earlier on twitter :D :-
  13. L.A. Yiddo

    Mascherano sent off for kicking a medic who was stretchering him off

    :eek: Hahahaha whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhy
  14. L.A. Yiddo

    AVB Press Conference pre SCBC

    Haven't seen it posted (and I searched)
  15. L.A. Yiddo

    Tony Parks' son Joe in serious accident....

    Just saw Brad Friedel tweet this.... :- bradley h friedel @friedel_b When football doesn't matter: I need everyone to pray for Tony Park's son, Joe. Bad car accident fighting for life.#prayingforyou Very sad news for the whole Parks' family. Fingers crossed he pulls though......
  16. L.A. Yiddo


    Has a boat race I'd never tire of kicking. I'd like to be De Niro here with Wilshere as Billy Batts. Thoughts? :D