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  1. grittyspur1

    Middlesbrough v Spurs - team news

    Gazza Aurier Davinson Toby Sessegnon Dier Winks Lamela Dele Eriksen Sonny Subs: Whitman Vertongen Foyth Moura Sissoko Skipp Parrot COYS!!!!!!!
  2. grittyspur1

    Team for Norwich

    Gazza KWP Foyth Toby Rose Dier NDombele Lo Celso Eriksen Sessegnon Kane Subs: Whitman Skipp Aurier Moura Sissoko Dele Parrot COYS!!!!
  3. grittyspur1

    Team for Chelsea...

    Journeyman speaks the truth. Unless someone suffers an injury, it will be the same starting 11 as yesterday. According to it looks like NDombele will not feature until after Christmas.
  4. grittyspur1

    Jose Mourinho confident of Premier League top-four finish

    Win the next three fixtures & there's a slim chance Spurs makes top 4 this season. Otherwise the Gaffer is talking bollocks!
  5. grittyspur1

    Wolves v Spurs - team news

    Gazza Aurier Davidson Toby Jan Sissoko Winks Moura Dele Sonny Kane Subs: Austin Foyth Lo Celso Dier Eriksen Skipp Sessegnon COYS!!!!
  6. grittyspur1

    Team V Bayern

    Gazza Foyth Davinson Jan Rose Dier Winks Lo Celso Dele Eriksen Parrott Subs: Whitman Toby Sessegnon Lucas Skipp KWP NDombele COYS!!!
  7. grittyspur1

    Team v Burnley

    If Sissoko scores in two home matches in a row, then its pretty obvious that the world will end on Sunday!
  8. grittyspur1

    Team v Burnley

    Gazza Aurier Davinson Toby Jan Sissoko N'Dombele Lo Celso Dele Sonny Kane subs; Whitman Foyth Rose Eriksen Winks Dier Moura COYS!!
  9. grittyspur1

    Spurs v Bournemouth - team news

    No doubt you're correct but a man can dream, can't he?
  10. grittyspur1

    Spurs v Bournemouth - team news

    4-2-3-1 -------Gazza------- Aurier Toby Jan Sessegnon Sissoko N'Dombele Moura Dele Sonny --------Kane------- subs: Whitman Sanchez Rose Dier Winks Eriksen Lo Celso COYS!!!!!!
  11. grittyspur1

    Team vs Olympiacos

    Gazza Aurier Toby Davinson Rose Dier Winks Moura Dele Sonny Kane Subs: Whitman Foyth Vertongen (if fit) NDombele (ditto) Lo Celso Eriksen Sessegnon COYS!!!!
  12. grittyspur1

    Team vs West Ham

    4-3-3 Gazza Aurier Toby Jan Rose Sissoko Winks NDombele Sonny Kane Dele subs: Austin Sanchez Davies Lo Celso Dier Eriksen Moura COYS!!!
  13. grittyspur1

    Mauricio Pochettino sacked by Tottenham

    Adios Mauricio! He was a great manager & sad to see him moving on. He will always be remembered fondly by the Spurs faithful. Let's hope the same holds true for that man Daniel Levy! Fingers crossed.
  14. grittyspur1

    Team vs Sheffield United

    4-3-3 -------- Gazza--------- Aurier Toby Davinson Davies Sissoko Dier NDombele Lo Celso Kane Sonny subs: Vorm Foyth Winks Eriksen Rose Sessegnon Moura COYS!!!
  15. grittyspur1

    Team v Red Star (A)

    Gazza Foyth Toby Davinson Rose Sissoko Winks Moura Dele Sonny Kane subs: Vorm Dier Lo Celso Sessegnon NDombele Davies Parrot COYS!!!!
  16. grittyspur1

    Real Madrid, Christian Eriksen and the European football trend that could cost him dear

    Ajax held a testimonial for Eriksen after he left for Spurs. That just shows how important he was to the club leading up to his departure. Not sure anyone could argue about his form over the last three seasons & it is one of the reasons Spurs have done so well & punched above their weight...
  17. grittyspur1

    Team v Everton (A)

    Gazza Foyth Toby Jan Davies Sissoko NDombele Lamela Dele Sonny Kane subs: Austin Sanchez Aurier Sessegnon Moura Winks Eriksen
  18. grittyspur1

    Team v Liverpool (a)

    I'm thinking last week Man Utd went with 5 at the back. Pretty sure Pochetino would rather be boiled alive than play that way, but how about a 4-3-3? ------------Gazza------------- Aurier Sanchez Vertongen Davies Sissoko Winks NDombele Sonny Kane Dele subs: Vorm Toby Lo...
  19. grittyspur1

    Team vs Crvena Zvezda

    Gazza Foyth Toby Jan Davies Sissoko NDombele Sonny Dele Eriksen Kane Subs: Whitman Sanchez Dier Moura Lamela Winks Parrott COYS!!!
  20. grittyspur1

    Spurs v Watford - team news

    No pictures of Dele in training on the website today! Here's my team for Watford (4-2-3-1) Gazzaniga Foyth Toby Jan Davies Sissoko N'Dombele Moura Dele Lamela Kane subs: Vorm Sanchez Winks Sonny Wanyama Dier Rose COYS!!