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    "Hate The Shirt" The mad cocktail of Spurs offers a necessary diversion from the freefall of our lives. But if you boo or abuse a player in a Tottenham jersey, you are hating the shirt. Loving the shirt, for me at least, means supporting the person in it...
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    What the hell's happening with Younes Kaboul? I'm guessing his comeback is not going so well? Any news? We miss him a lot.
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    VOTE FOR CAULKER!!! U21 Player of the Year!

    Steven Caulker's nominated for England U21 player of the year. He is fully deserving in my opinion. 2 goals in 5 appearances from centre back.
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    Man City v Spurs tickets query

    A friend of mine is wondering if the Man City-Spurs away game will go to sale to members or whether it will be all taken up by ST holders? I think the closing date for applications was Friday, so I'm not sure anyone will know. But can anyone shed some light on a gut instinct maybe? Does the...
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    Team v Man Utd

    So, now on to the big one! A stern test for the AVB revolution. I'd like to see: Lloris Walker Gallas Caulker Vertonghen Sandro Dembele Lennon Dempsey Bale Defoe What I think we'll see is: Friedal Walker Gallas Caulker Vertonghen Sandro Dembele Lennon Dempsey Bale Defoe...
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    The Tour of the US

    I couldn't find a thread on this. Or have I completely missed it?! First of all, when do we leave?! Secondly - post about the tour here, if you like.
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    Giving youth a chance?

    So, new regime, everyone gets a clean slate. The youngsters will undoubtedly be wondering whether AVB will be the sort of Head Coach who will give them a chance to shine... The reason for this post, was this compilation video of Soulman Corblimey: He looks really bloody good! (don't we all...
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    Transfer Rumour

    There's a strong transfer rumour doing the rounds: Chelsea fans have signed a one-year extension to remain at the club after being strongly linked to Man City.
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    Assou-Ekotto out for the rest of the season

    Benny out for the rest of the season. What else could go wrong?
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    David Bentley?

    Could this be his "From Zero To Hero" moment?! Rumours abound that he could feature tomorrow at Wembley! Stranger things have happened.
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    Can we recall...

    Andros Townsend from his loan spell? Should we recall him, if we can? I'm all for it if it's possible. I think he'd offer us a decent alternative on the right wing (I know he's not a right winger but neither are VDV or Kranky) with pace and he'll at least run at the opposition left back and...
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    Amongst all the delirium and the dream sequences that have passed through my mind since last night a thought entered my mind. Is it crucial to any potential title challenge that we strengthen this January? With the position we are in, would not strengthening the squad show a lack of ambition...
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    Fan at the game tonight...

    Apparently one of our fans in the West stand had an heart attack during the game and has sadly passed away :( puts things in perspective if that's confirmed to be true. If so, RIP Yiddo.
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    2011/12 team photo

    Anyone got a digital copy of this season's team photo?
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    This website: was posted on the "Team v Fulham" website. Thought I'd have a look to see what it said about us. It reckons our weaknesses are: * defending a lead * defending against skillful players * defending wingplay situations Is this website accurate do...
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    X-Factor: And the winner is.... *drum roll*

    Tom Carroll!!! Hope I'm not re-posting something that's already done the rounds on here, but I just saw this on Facebook: It's well worth a look for the youth team banter going on and Tom Carroll's terrible singing voice Ha ha!
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    Daniel Levy to be knighted

    This is a petition to get Daniel Levy knighted. That's right, the man who got £10m (possibly raising to £12m) for Peter Crouch! For this alone the man deserves a peerage. How the fuck he managed that is anybody's guess. My only conclusion is that Pulis and Redknapp are old pals, so Pulis has...
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    Europa Group Stage Draw

    Not to get ahead of ourselves, I've just noticed the Champions League draw is being done. I thought they drew the CL and Europa groups at the same time on a Friday? Have I just imagined that? Also, I'm just remembering how fucking excited I was by the CL draw this time last year. Think that...
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    Game v Everton on Saturday

    With the situation in Tottenham at present, what's the likelihood of our game being postponed or venue switched come Saturday? "Health & Safety" is paramount these days, you can't sneeze in the street without someone asking you if you'd like to sue for damages. Stadium tours have been...
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    Europa League

    Couldn't find a thread on here for the Europa League. So... when's the draw made for the qualifying round that we come into?