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    Match Threads West Ham vs Spurs - Match Thread

    Yeah, compare to Son who also has great acceleration and dribbling and who often takes his man on.
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    What Our Opponents' Fans Are Saying About Us 19/20

    Arsenal fan at work had a comment to make every time we passed each other today, I couldn't help but think "this guy is actually scared!".
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    Club Statement - Pochettino leaves

    Probably not that much less than what we needed to pay to buy Dybala's image rights.
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Davinson Sanchez

    It's weird, because when he first started playing for us he was immense and was actually really good on the ball and pinging short passes into midfield. Lately he gives you that uncertainty that someone like Vlad Chiriches did. Hopefully he can go back to how he was with more regular playing time.
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    2010-2020 Spurs team of the decade

    Huddlestone is in my top 5 favourite ever Spurs players, but he doesn't warrant being in there in my opinion. His technique and ability was just fantastic to watch, but he was too inconsistent. Should've scored more screamers than he did too, never seen anyone hit a ball harder! When Poch said...
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    Player Watch: Tanguy Ndombele

    Was excellent tonight, starting to feel comfortable in the team I think. Can see him snapping his own ankles in the future with them turns he does.
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    Emotional investment

    I've definitely thought this lately. After the defeat to Burnley last season I was devastated for days, could argue I've still not fully got over the CL final. Like you say we have no control over it really and why should I let it affect my entire week? I made the decision to not take our...
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    Harry on Peter the great

    For his goal against City to get us into CL and his winner at the San Siro against AC Milan, I don't think any Spurs fan should give Crouch abuse.
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    Ginola wants to be a Spurs coach

    Didn't see this posted anywhere. Apologies if it has. (I searched)
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    Spurs Community Player of the Year - Our trip to the lodge

    Nice trophy he's got there, congrats on having a great day.