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  1. LexingtonSpurs

    Champions League 2019/2020

    Well, Spurs qualified for the Group Stage. But, we could be looking at a tough draw in 2019/20. Man City, Arsenal/Chelsea winner, and Spurs/Liverpool winner will all go in Pot 1 - with Barcelona, Juventus, Bayern/Dortmund, PSG, and Zenit. I don't know if Spurs will be in 2nd Pot or 3rd Pot...
  2. LexingtonSpurs

    Roberto Gagliardini Spurs are yet to spend any cash in the transfer market as they prepare to move into their new stadium ahead of new Premier League campaign. Boss Mauricio Pochettino...
  3. LexingtonSpurs

    2018/19 Pick your Formation here

    I figured we could have a tactical discussion here - and avoid some of the bannings that are going to happen in any number of ITK threads between now and the end of the window. Poch has been fond of the 4231 since he got here, but we have played with a few different formations, including 3 at...
  4. LexingtonSpurs

    Martial or Bale

    Who do you want - considering everything: Fee, Wages, Ability, Fitness, Age, etc. To me its close. Bale offers the potential for an immediate pay-off, but limits other transfer business. Martial offers high potential and more flexibility in other signings. If I have to choose 1 - its Bale...
  5. LexingtonSpurs

    Spurs Summer 2018 schedule

    Just saw a report in World Soccer talk that Spurs are scheduled to face Dortmund in Pittsburgh on July 25. I assume there will be other Spurs matches in the US. (Liverpool are facing Dortmund, Man United, and Man City)...
  6. LexingtonSpurs

    Best combination of AMs

    Borrowing this from another thread, because I think it makes a great observation of the various skill sets - I think it makes for an interesting discussion - What is your best combination of AMs to play behind Kane? (assume 4231) Dele is not included in the continuum above - but he has a...
  7. LexingtonSpurs

    Eriksen's Goal

    I think this can use its own thread - I can watch this on a loop all day long: ESPN clip: :love: I can't imagine what it must have been like in the stadium, and for people still trickling in (who I am...
  8. LexingtonSpurs

    Summer transfer wish list - 2018

    Its that time of year again. January transfers are done, and no matter how we finish the season, we have a big summer in front of us. Based on most of the ITK we got in January, the club have been, and continue to work on deals for the summer. So, what is on your wish list? GK: Lloris...
  9. LexingtonSpurs

    Spurs Training Photos

  10. LexingtonSpurs

    Pochettino's Transfer record

    In an effort to keep this discussion out of the ITK thread, use this thread to discuss the relative pro's and con's of Pochettino's transfers. As near as I can tell, Spurs have signed 16 players since Poch became manager. To keep this simple, I'll assume that he gets credit when one works out...
  11. LexingtonSpurs

    Dele and Lloris win London Awards

    Did not see this posted, but Dele and Hugo Lloris have won the London Young Player of the Year and Goalkeeper of the Year awards If it has been posted, my apologies
  12. LexingtonSpurs

    Summer Transfer Wish List - 2017

    As we are unlikely to do any business in this transfer window, lets look ahead to the summer. Who, or what positions, are on your wish list to upgrade, or improve depth? For me, I think our summer business will depend largely on what Poch and the coaching staff determine is our preferred...
  13. LexingtonSpurs

    BBC Gossip page analysis

    BBC did an interesting an interesting analysis of the accuracy of their own Gossip page - how many of the reported deals happened. Its worth noting as we head into the January window - how many stories are out there, and how few ultimately come off.
  14. LexingtonSpurs

    Harry Kane - I'd love to stay here for the rest of my career. "I'd love to stay here. The club is in great shape at the moment, and we're going forward as a club, and that's important. "As long as there's a vision with the...
  15. LexingtonSpurs

    Summer Transfer Wish List

    Well we all know we will be waiting for a back-up striker, late into the window, But, what else is on your wish list - either specific player, or position? Never to early to think about a new Back-up Keeper, but it would not hurt my feelings to keep Vorm (like strikers, good back-ups are hard...
  16. LexingtonSpurs

    Eric Dier: Mauricio Pochettino has no fear over youth

    England have a lot to thank Mauricio Pochettino for as... the Tottenham head coach is not hamstrung by "fear" when it comes to giving young players a chance, according to Eric Dier. Read the full article at ESPN Such a good time to be a Spurs supporter...
  17. LexingtonSpurs

    Support Group for People afraid of Dier as CM

    This has been a common phobia seen throughout SC for the last few weeks. "Dier is a CB not a CM" "Pochettino has lost the plot starting Dier away at OT" "We can't go into the season with Dier as a CM" "Please Poch, no Dier in midfield." "Dier in midfield is pathetic." Its time to come...
  18. LexingtonSpurs

    Home Grown minimum to go from 8-12?

    UEFA supports FA chairman Dyke's proposals to raise home-grown quotas Obviously this story has been a round for a bit now, and it may explain some of our moves this summer, as we seek to increase the number of home-grown players in the squad. I don't think this kind of forced quotas will help...
  19. LexingtonSpurs

    Team v. Man United

    Because its never too early to get ready for the season... I think everyone who starts for us against United are already on the squad. We may sign one or two players before then, but I don't think they will be integrated enough to start the opener. Lloris Trippier Alderweireld Vertonghen...
  20. LexingtonSpurs

    Goal of the year

    Goal of the Season poll Some good choices here, but surprised only one goal from Kane on the list. I was torn between Dier's goal in the opener and Kane's header against Arsenal. I liked Lamela's goal against Burnley more than his rabona.