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    Sissoko - Central Midfield Powerhouse or Strong Wideman?

    So...... What did Poch have in mind when he pulled the trigger on Sissoko? Was he buying him as the strong beastly central midfielder he use to be? Possibly to take the pressure off Dembele. Or has he been bought as an attacking wide man? I'm thinking Dembele cover and i'm not sure how...
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    How will Levy weaken us this window?

    He always seems to find a way.... So far shipping out Lennon is doing that. What next?
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    Happy with "potential" targets?

    Hi guys, Just wondered what you thought of our potential targets so far. Names banded about which seem to be getting a lot of traction are... Cambiasso Ben Davies Bony Lovren Would that improve us much?
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    Real Madrid Partnership

    They tap up and poach Modric, they've now done it will Bale and the icing on the cake is they are now likely to cost us a top 4 place by selling Ozil to the scum. "Partnership" Here on out, if Levy had anything about him he would threaten to stick players in the reserves until they behave...